Maid Of Honor Responsibilities

You’ve been asked to be the Maid (or Matron) of Honor! And it’s just that- an honor of the highest degree! Now…to figure out what that means. Whether you’re the maid who’s been blessed with the honor, or the bride who wants to know what to expect from her, let’s take a look at what responsibilities this honor holds. 

Voice of Reason 

First and foremost, the Maid of Honor should be a listening ear for the bride to spill her ideas, concerns, frustrations, excitement, etc. Wedding planning is stressful, and depending on the topic, her significant other may not be the outlet she needs. There can be drama involved with wedding planning, and she may need an outside voice to give her a fresh perspective and bring her back to Earth. If nothing else, keeping her sane during the planning process is the number one job of the MOH. 

Dress Fittings

Some brides want the opinion of their top confidant when it comes to choosing their wedding dress. The MOH should be prepared to attend dress hunting appointments, and possibly fittings once the bride has found “the one”. This isn’t true of every bride, but the MOH should be prepared in the event that she is asked to be there.

Head of the Wedding Party

Being the go-to person to relay information to the rest of the wedding party will be up to the MOH! She’ll keep everyone on task, organized, and communicating so that the bride doesn’t have to. This may include making sure everyone is on top of getting their dresses, discussing plans for showers and bachelorette parties, and more. She shouldn’t be afraid to take charge! 

Plan the Bachelorette Party

This is a fun one, albeit hectic! You get to do the honors of throwing the bride her last fling before the ring! The MOH should make sure to get as much input from the bride as possible so the party is planned to perfection. The rest of the bridesmaids are there to help, but the MOH is pretty much in charge of planning the bachelorette party. Make sure it’s a party she’ll remember! 

The Shower

The shower tends to be more involved as far as “who’s in charge”. Often, the mother of the bride will take the reins on this one, but it’ll differ for each wedding. The MOH should at the very least expect to be involved in the planning process, but the level of involvement will vary, so she’ll have to feel out the situation and be upfront about asking if she’s unsure. 

Day of Emergency Point Person

On the day of the wedding, the MOH should take charge in making sure the bride worries about NOTHING and only focuses on having the most perfect day. This is a big task, because it could involve so many different things! For starters, don’t let any guests bug her! Be the point person for any questions they have, or if someone can’t come at the last minute. This can go for vendors too, if the bride requests. Besides holding her flowers, fixing her train, and handing out tissues when needed, the MOH should be prepared for any emergency, big or small. Have an emergency kit on hand! This can include a sewing kit, tide pen, bobby pins, deodorant, extra makeup… you get the idea!