What To Do If You Can’t Find THE Wedding Dress

Some brides look forward to dress shopping and can’t wait to try on every single dress in various colors and shades. Other brides dread this moment and don’t like most wedding fashion trends.


Finding the wedding dress is one of the biggest components of a wedding day and you’re expected to invite people along. It can be tons of pressure trying on pricey wedding gowns and when you’ve tried on a million dresses and don’t fall in love with a single option, it can be devastating.


So, what can you do when you can’t find the dress? Here are some options to choose from the next time you go dress shopping.

Leave Your Family Behind

Although some brides want a big wedding entourage to follow them while dress shopping, this can intimidate some brides. The bigger the group is the more opinions you will have to hear.

It can be fun to make a big day out of this event, but if you want to get the wedding dress of your dreams, it can be better to leave some people out of this day.


Wedding dress shopping can be a fun and intimate affair that only your closest people get to attend. This may help you decide and fall in love with a dress.

Opt For Colored Dresses

If you have tried on every single white dress a shop has and nothing feels right, it’s a sign to move on. Not all brides choose to do the big white dress, more and more are choosing to pick alternate colors.


Some brides choose light pink dresses while other brides choose bold colors like green or blue. Find something that matches the theme of your wedding and go big with your look.


Sometimes a colored gown can be just what a bride needs to feel and look more comfortable at their wedding.

Don’t Choose a Dress

So, you’ve tried on white dresses, bold colors, short dresses, and everything in between and you still can’t seem to fall in love with a style. What’s your option now?


Try a wedding jumpsuit! These gorgeous pieces are a huge wedding trend for the ladies who want to get married in white but hate the look and feel of a dress. It can be a better solution for your wedding day than any dress.

Look At One Important Feature

Instead of focusing on the entire dress, find one feature you love. Falling in love with a dress can be harder than you think.


Focusing on one feature that you love can help you decide on a wedding dress and on your big day you can add accessories to draw everyone’s eyes to that feature.

Think About Feelings Rather Than Looks

Focusing on looks is easy to do especially when wedding dress shopping. However, instead of focusing on your looks that day, focus on how a dress makes you feel.

Stop Looking for The Perfect Dress

You may never find the perfect dress. Many young brides have this idea that the perfect dress exists, but real life doesn’t always work that way. You may not be able to afford the couture dress you saw on Pinterest but there are thousands of other options.


Instead of looking for the dress, find a dress that makes you feel gorgeous inside and out. This will help you walk down to your loved one at your Georgia venue.