Wedding Day Shoes For An Outdoor Wedding

Y’all know we love an outdoor wedding! 

Actually, we prefer an indoor/outdoor wedding where you’re covered with all the modern amenities but free to feel the summertime breeze. But I digress…

Outdoor weddings call for the perfect wedding day footwear: Anything but stilettos. Hahaha. Just kidding. But not really. 

Thankfully, you have so so many options of what kind of kicks to wear under that dress of yours that we feel like they deserve their very own blog post. So many options. 

Wedding Day Shoe Options Other Than Heels


But first. Lets stop and say that heels/pumps aren’t completely out of the question. If you have your heart set on heels for wedding day, by all means, grab a gorgeous set of heels and those little high heel protectors for wearing in grass. 

But, if you’re enjoying the excuse not to have to wear heels on wedding day, keep reading!


Even though the Queen of England wouldn’t approve if she was coming to your wedding, wearing wedges on wedding day isn’t such a bad idea. They’re more casual than heels, but can still be dressed up, too. Wedges are a great option for wedding day shoes if you need a bit of height and don’t want to risk sinking in the grass. 


Feeling a little bit like a Cinderella? Maybe some shiny slippers are your style? A quick search of “wedding slippers” brings up all sorts of adorable, wedding-day worthy options. 


Hot summer days at an outdoor wedding venue in Georgia could definitely call for sandals, right? We’re always up for a comfy pair of flip-flops, but sandals can be as fancy as you want them to be. 


You read that right!!! We have seen entire bridal parties sport a pair of converse sneakers. 

Cowboy Boots

Bet you knew that one was coming. We’ve seen so many cute cowboy boots we can’t even keep them straight. People like to pile them up on the back of the ‘ol truck and get a picture of their cute boots. It’s a thing around here. We kinda like it. 

Whatever Is Left Behind In the Dressing Room At The End Of The Night

You didn’t think we’d really include this category, did you? Well, truth is that after you’ve walked 14839372 miles in that first pair of shoes you picked, your feet are going to be fussing at you by the end of the day and you’re probably going to be scrambling for any pair of shoes other than the first pick. 

Even if that means your sisters crocs. On your wedding day. It’s happened, y’all. We saw it. 

But we’re not judging.