Fall Vintage Weddings

As we enter into a new season, we wanted to touch base on the shift of colors, themes, decorations you’ll start to see become popular in Fall vintage weddings. There is SO much inspiration to draw from during this season, which is a big reason why people often refer to it as “Wedding Season”. We think they’re ALL wedding season in their own way, but Fall is definitely one of the most popular! 

Fall Wedding Florals

Oh my, the florals! Fall comes with gorgeous, rich, luscious flower options, making a Fall bouquet one for the books. There are some really amazing flowers that are most often found in the Fall. Some options include:

  • Lillies
  • Mums
  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Sunflowers

This is most often when you’ll see those deep reds and oranges mixed with some neutral colors and accented with luscious greens. Add a pop of color with some sunflowers! 

Fall Wedding Color Schemes

Besides the flowers, there are lots of to-die-for color schemes that are very popular in the Fall. And there are so many options that work! Fall starts to get away from any light and airy tones, especially pastels. Some of our favorite combinations that always guarantee a beautiful day are:

  • A deep teal with gold. 
  • Plum or burgundy with grey. 
  • All-natural tones! Browns, tans, wood accents. 
  • Forest green with grey or gold accents. 

Fall-Inspired Ceremony and Reception

A crisp, cool outdoor wedding in the Fall will certainly have everyone in a good mood! That fresh air does some good! 

Fall is a wonderful time to plan for an outdoor ceremony or reception, OR BOTH! This is often when we see very rustic themes, with wooden chairs and accents adorned by Fall florals. Being outdoors only adds to that rustic flair. Pinecones, leaves, pumpkins, and gourds are popular for this time of year as far as decor, and leave your guests feeling like they’re in a Fall wonderland. 

Fall Wedding Food Options

Say it with me:

Comfort food season! 

You can get SO creative with this menu! Opt-out of the traditional chicken and fish options, and add some homey options to your menu. 

  • Chicken pot pie. 
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese. 
  • Turkey and mashed potatoes for a nod to Thanksgiving. 
  • A yummy soup or chili as a first course. 
  • Hot apple cider! 
  • Pies, pies, and more pies. 
  • Candied apples. YUM!
  • A S’mores bar to end the evening. 

Seriously, we probably could have kept going with that list, but you get the idea. What are some of your favorites during this season? 

Fall Wedding Favors

Favors can be seasonal too! Fall calls for some really fun options. Your guests will not be disappointed! 

As mentioned above, S’mores are always a fun Fall activity. Even if you have them at your reception as a snack, you could make little kits to send your guests home with, complete with all ingredients needed! When they use them at home, they’ll be reminded of the joyous occasion that was your wedding day. Fall scented candles are another option. You’ll supply your guests with hours of burning a cozy candle on a cool autumn night. 

Another food option (yes, we love food), is a candied apple! Or how about some cinnamon almonds? Caramel popcorn? Pumpkin doughnuts for their breakfast the next day? Okay, okay, maybe we are getting carried away with the food options, but they’re so good, and so seasonally appropriate! 

Whatever you choose for your Fall wedding, remember that Spring Lake Events is here to help you live out that dream vision! We have seen so many gorgeous Fall weddings, so we have the expertise to offer if needed. FALLing in love is in the air!