The “average” engagement lasts a tad over a year, but everyone’s timeline is going to be different. If you’re newly engaged, and you sit down to make that checklist of what needs to be done, chances are you are a little bit overwhelmed wondering how quickly all of these things need to happen. 

Not to fear! We are here to give you a better idea of what should happen and when while you’re planning the perfect vintage wedding in Georgia

Early On

This would be the beginning stages of the planning process. The very first thing you do, so maybe a year or more out from the wedding, depending on how long your engagement is going to be. 

This is when you want to decide on your style and trends you like and want to incorporate into your wedding. You should be deciding on a rough date you’d like to book and start looking into venues you want to visit with. Make sure to verify anyone important to you is okay with the date; immediate family members, and anyone you are SURE you want to book (like a photographer, officiant, etc. that you had your heart set on). 

If you plan on hiring a wedding planner, now would be the time! 

Once you have a list of venues, get cracking on those tours! Once you choose one and book your desired date, you’ll want to get your guest list in the works, as they will probably want a rough estimate. This doesn’t have to be a final list by any means, but an idea of your range of people who will be in attendance. 

Ask your wedding party now so that they can be involved from start to finish! 

8-10 Months Away from Wedding 

Time to start cracking on some details, but don’t stress! It involves some fun stuff! 

Wedding dress shopping should begin now, as you’ll need time to choose the dress and do a few rounds of alterations. 

You’ll need to book a caterer if your venue doesn’t supply one, and start thinking about what kind of food you want on the menu. 

Besides the caterer, you want to solidify your other vendors. Yes, this seems like a lot of work, but soon it’ll be done, and your responsibilities and “to do” list will lessen! 

So you’ll need all of your entertainment booked and ready, as well as your photographer, florist, etc. 

Get your save the dates in the mail! Give your guests a proper heads up. 

Speaking of guests, make sure they have something to buy you for the shower! If you start your registry now, you should have plenty of time to decide on what you want on there. 

Halfway Point

Right around now is when you want to get your wedding party and their outfits in order. This requires some coordination with them, directing them to what they need to buy or rent, and making sure they make it happen! 

Besides that, have you started planning your honeymoon?! Take a break from the wedding stuff to be sure you guys end up on an island with a drink in your hand when all is said and done. 

The Countdown is ON! 

Once you get to around 4 months out, you need to consider time-sensitive subjects (like passports for that honeymoon you just booked!). 

You’ll want to choose someone to make your wedding cake and get that order in. This is a fun one since it requires tastings! 

You’ll also want to get your invitations ordered and start preparing your final guest list so you can send those out. 

This might be when your lovely bridesmaids throw your shower, but luckily all you have to do for that is show up and enjoy the day! 

Hire and trial run your makeup artist and hairdresser, and plan a trial run for about 3 months before. 

Start thinking about wedding gifts for your bridal party and parents! 

2 Months and Less

It’s time… MAIL THOSE INVITES! Start collecting your RSVPs and make sure to let the venue know your final count by their required date. 

At around the one month mark, you’ll want to get that marriage license to make sure everything is official. You’ll start planning your FINAL fittings, tastings, finalizings, etc. It’s go time! You are basically making sure your ducks are in a row and you have a seating chart prepared. 

This is the home stretch, and you should be READY by about 1-2 weeks before…