Wedding Invitation Etiquette 

It can feel a bit overwhelming when you start to think about your vintage wedding invitations. They are the first impression your guests will receive, and it may feel like there are a million rules you need to follow and research before sending them. 

Have no fear! Your questions are answered here! 

Do I only order enough for my guest list? Do I need extra?

Well, it depends on a few factors. If you’re inviting an entire family, you should only need one for that household (addressed “The Smith Family”, or “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family”). If you are sending out some invitations to friends, and they happen to be roommates, they should each receive their own invitation. If kids are NOT invited, make that clear by dropping the “and Family” if they have children. If anyone over 18 is invited, but younger kids are not, be sure to send them their own individual invitation. 

When should I order my invitations? When do I mail them out?

Our recommendation would be at least 6 months before the wedding to ensure that you’re happy with them and that you have plenty of time to package and mail them out. Usually, you want to mail your invitations out about 6-8 weeks before your wedding, but add a few weeks on if you’re having a destination wedding. 

What do I include?

  • The full names of the bride and groom, of course! 
  • Parents or hosts names, if you choose. 
  • The date and time! 
  • Location and address of the ceremony (eh hem, let us know if you need Spring Lake Events’ address). 
  • If your reception is taking place at the same location, you can just list “Reception to follow.” If not, be sure to include the location of the reception and what time it begins! 
  • If you have any specifics you’d like to include about dress code, you can put this in small font on the invitation, or include a separate insert.
  • A response card, with postage! (Some people include a small card with envelope, but postcards are becoming popular now too!) 

When do I give a “plus one”?

This question leaves room for interpretation by the sender. All situations will be different, so you can analyze and then decide! Our suggestion? If they’re in a committed relationship, they’d appreciate the gesture. If you aren’t sure if they’ll know anyone at your wedding, they will likely have a better time if you include a guest for them. But guess what… this is ultimately all up to you! You are not obligated, so don’t feel that way. 

Is a “B list” okay?

Let us tell you a little secret… we think this is totally okay! If you aren’t entirely sure you can keep it under capacity, send out your invites a few weeks earlier, and see if you get any no’s! Then have some extras on standby in case you can invite your second cousin after all. We won’t tell. :) 

Happy mailing!