Inspiration For Vintage Weddings

All good trends come back around again, and weddings are no exception!  Some of our favorite wedding day details are reimagining’s of the trends of yesteryear, and you will love to incorporate a few of these lovely ideas into your vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the best vintage wedding ideas that are making a comeback:

  • Bouquet ideas
    • Antique jewelry: we love the idea of using an antique broach, cameo, or other antique jewelry into your bouquet. Get creative with how you incorporate it, perhaps using it to fasten the burlap and ribbon that wraps your bouquet stem, or for a gorgeous alternative to flowers like this bouquet that is entirely made out of jewelry.
    • Cascading greenery: a bouquet with cascading greenery and big flowers will not only add a vintage look but will also create a dramatic and elegant silhouette that you will adore.
  • Decorate with lace
    • Lace: Add lace to anything, pinned into a sweeping up do, decorating the back of a chair, woven into a bouquet, or adorning the edges of your invitations for a vintage look that is sure to please.
  • Tea everything
    • Tea cups: one of our favorite vintage looks is using an assortment of delicate tea cups. Use as a candle holder, a tiny vase for flowers, as a place card, or even to drink tea out of!  The less the tea cups match the better!
    • Tea pots: beautiful vintage tea pots make for awesome vases to place in the center of your reception tables.
    • Tea tins: tea tins make for a lovely wedding gift or a perfect vase for flowers.
  • Pearls are not only just for jewelry
    • Pearls: there is nothing quite so lovely at a wedding as an elegant strand of pearls woven through a bouquet, gracing a flower arrangement, decorating a cake, or adorning the gift table.
  • Vintage picture frames
    • Decorate tables: use ornate vintage picture frames in unexpected ways such as hung above the buffet table at quirky angles and dangle small vases of flowers from them like this as this Bridal Guide article suggests.
    • Place cards: mix and match small vintage picture frames with each guest’s name to help them find their seat at the reception.
  • Wire birdcages
    • Antique birdcages: stuff a wire birdcage full of flowers for a centerpiece that will leave an elegant impression on your guests.
    • Card box: an old wire birdcage makes the perfect card box to adorn the gift table.
  • Old books
    • Pages from a book: glue together pages from an old book (the more weathered the better!) to use as a table runner. Even better, pull pages from old books of love poems to construct your decorations for an extra romantic touch.  If you are a music lover, old sheet music can be used in the same way.
    • Old postcards: these can make really fun place cards for your guests.
    • Books: stack a pile of old books with beautiful spines (think gold foil, deep red leather bindings, and ornate scroll work) onto the guest book table for a vintage, old world feel. Finish the table off with a fancy feather topped pen for your guests to sign with for added flourish.
  • Candles
    • Tall tapers: what could be more romantic than candlelight? Light your reception tables with ornate pewter, brass, silver, or gold candle holders and insert tall tapers for a gorgeous vintage look that you, and your guests, will love.  We especially love the way candlelight looks in an open air reception area, such as our beautiful barn.
    • Candelabras: Wrought iron candelabras all aglow can add a romantic gothic feel to your reception.
  • Antique anything
    • Pillage your local antique or secondhand store for anything that speaks to your heart; silver urns can be turned into vases for floral arrangements, antique wash basins can hold wedding cards, a stack of old suitcases or milk crates can be stacked up to hold a display of photos of the happy couple.
    • It can be especially sweet to use family heirlooms in your wedding ceremony and reception. It can be so much fun to find was to use old love letters from your great-grandfather to your great-grandmother, your great aunt Mary’s favorite broach, or those teacups that used to belong to your mother-in-law’s mother-in-law.  Each piece will add vintage beauty to your big day, and honor those in your family that have gone before you.

Using your head, and your heart, you can come up with so many ways to incorporate vintage flair into your wedding!