Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Decor

If you have spent any more than about 5 minutes on Pinterest planning a wedding, you know there are a ton of amazing vintage wedding ideas that can be done on the cheap.

I mean, seriously, who will even know that the gorgeous jute rope vase that looks like it came off a Pottery Barn table is actually an empty pea can covered with jute and hot glue.

And that’s the beauty of vintage weddings; vintage wedding decor ideas don’t have to be expensive. You can make something that is rustic and elegant with a vintage flair that looks beautiful and expensive.

Sometimes, all it takes is a photo for inspiration, a piece of paper that coordinates with your wedding colors, and some creativity to put it all together.

Wedding Ideas on A Budget

We’ve seen brides decorate with all sorts of things they’ve found for free.

Sometimes, it’s a repurposed dress turned into a special tablecloth for the cake table. We’ve seen thrifted pieces of furniture repurposed into the most creative features.

Sometimes, it’s a valuable (or sentimental) heirloom from a grandparent. And, yes, we’ve had some amazingly creative brides who have rescued items from file 13 (ahem, the trash can) and turned them into gorgeous decor pieces, like some of the handmade signs that have been salvaged from a pile of scrap wood.

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor

But, even with all the amazing creativity we’ve seen, some of the best vintage wedding ideas on a budget are the simple ones. Like simple white floating candles in the center of a table. Or a bucket filled with flowers. Or the classic chalkboard sign.

Sometimes, all it takes is a humble fruit basket to upgrade vintage wedding decorations from plain to simply beautiful.  

Buy in Bulk

It can seem a bit counterintuitive to spend so much on one item, but if you have a long guest list and need something for everyone, don’t be afraid to place one large order. Not only will you save money by buying everything at once, but if you are buying online, you’ll also save on shipping costs, too.

Shop Around

Okay. We get it. No one wants to buy “used” when they could have new, but just hang with us here for a minute. Your wedding day is special and you want everything to be dreamy and Pinterest (or magazine) perfect. But, there’s a good chance that another bride just had her wedding and wants to dump those 15 chalkboard easels or 56 buckets. And she only used them one time, for goodness’ sake.

Plus, your guests won’t have a clue that you were able to buy an entire wedding’s worth of decor of craigslist for under $200. (Unless you tell them.) Plus, once you’re finished with it, you can craigslist it, too!

Or….the alternative is to use a wedding venue that already has a whole stockpile of wedding decor, right? Now, that’s a great money-saving idea!

Budget Vintage Wedding Ideas

So, if you’re planning a vintage wedding on a budget (who isn’t?!) don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There is a ton of inspiration on Pinterest for ideas to upcycle a simple, everyday item into vintage wedding decorations that are unique and elegant.

Next time, we’re going to dish out the secret to having a luxe wedding on a shoestring budget. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Photography by Brittany Rae Photography