Inexpensive Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

Inexpensive wedding decor ideas are so much fun, don’t you think? How fun is it to find something for crazy cheap, pair it with something else equally as inexpensive and then come out with a finished product that looks like a million bucks.

Well, we’ve seen just about all the vintage wedding decor ideas there are out there on Pinterest and there’s a common theme; they all use some of the same materials!

We kinda think that’s the key to having a luxe wedding on a shoestring budget (using the right materials).

So today, we’re going to tell you our favorite decor items to create a gorgeous vintage wedding.

  • A Printer – We bet you have a printer at home or school. Think of all the amazing things you can make for almost free with a printer and a basic design tool like PicMonkey (or with inexpensive printables from Etsy). We’re talking favor tags, table numbers, signs, a custom guest book, water bottle wraps, coloring pages for the kids, fun mad libs or trivia pages for the adults, the list goes on.
  • Baby’s Breath – You’ve only ever known Baby’s Breath because it’s always the filler in a bouquet of roses, but this stuff is really cheap and can look stunning. Have you ever seen a bouquet of Baby’s Breath? Beautiful! And it’s a great vase filler to line the aisle of our vintage pews. It can even make a gorgeous table centerpiece.
  • Mason Jars – I know. We’ve seen enough mason jars to make jelly for the entire country by now, but they are so popular for two reasons: they’re iconic and they’re a super budget-friendly vintage wedding decor item. They hold candles, pens for the sign-in table, sparklers, simple bouquets of flowers…we could go on. If you want to dress them up a bit, a simple strip of lace will go a long way. Which brings us to one of our next vintage wedding ideas.
  • Lace – I bet your Grandma has a whole drawer or box full of vintage lace tucked away somewhere. And if not, a quick trip to the craft store or thrift store (down the clothing/dress aisle) will get you set in no time for pennies. Lace is such a versatile wedding decor item. It isn’t just for vintage weddings on a budget, either. Oh no. Lace is used in high-end big city weddings all the time.
  • Burlap – Oh yes, we did. Burlap is about as popular as mason jars, but there’s a reason. Actually, they’re both used for the same reasons. They’re iconic and both great for making your vintage wedding ideas come to life. Seriously. Want a fancy silverware pocket? It just takes a few square inches of burlap (costing a few pennies) and a bit of glue and you have a gorgeous decor element for your table (see the pin below). 


These are just some of the vintage wedding decor items that are all-purpose and can turn into something gorgeous and incredible with a bit of creativity.

Photography by James Paul Photography