When you convey your undying love to your significant other, you envision perfection. Now, we all know that the idea of perfection is in the eye of the beholder. For your big day, you can stick to traditional versions or choose a more unique route with your vows.

Use this list of unique wedding vow ideas for inspiration in your ceremony:

Honest Wedding Vows

Whether you take pieces from other vows or write your own, sprinkling a little honesty in with the romantic gush will make them memorable. If you are promising to love, honor, and cherish, perhaps you can promise to be the one who gets the mail every day or makes the bed. A bit of realistic expectation thrown into the mix.

Funny Wedding Vows

We all love the moments that break the serious tone of the day. Take this opportunity to splash some humor, show your personality, and get a few chuckles from your guests. A couple who laughs together, stays together, right? Keep that phrase alive, remove some of the tension, and spread that joy.

Quirky Wedding Vows

Share some of the eccentric side of your relationship that makes you two a match. If you are having a non-traditional wedding, adding some quirks into your vows can make it that much more special. Do you or your soon-to-be-spouse always wear sunglasses? Whip them out to wear while reciting your vows. Or a lucky hat or something similar that may add a personal flare to your words.

Modern Wedding Vows

Putting a modern spin on the traditional can simply update it to a version that touches the heart of those we love even more. Take a favorite book, movie, or show and use a quote or two from that medium. Show that the time you spend together is just as momentous as this occasion where you are professing your love for each other. Unforgettable, but also very thoughtful.

Rhyming Wedding Vows

Poetry has been used for expressions of the heart for all of time. Why fix what isn’t broken? You can create any form of this vow, but rhyming tends to make them easier to recall when nerves are high. You can try for Shakespearean-style sonnets or just a compilation of the other person’s part in your life (amusing, serious, and all emotions rolled into one).

Inclusive Wedding Vows

If you like to include your family and friends, think of using your invitations as a means of gathering information. Have them write in advice or words or wisdom on their R.S.V.P.’s and transfer them all to a journal or keepsake. During your ceremony, you then use those tidbits and read them all as a part of your vows. Not only will they remember that token, but everyone important in your lives will have more than a spectator role in your wedding. How remarkable!

With this list of unique vows, the choice is all yours! Traditional, non-traditional, use one or combine a few of them for something completely one-of-a-kind. The point of the day is to celebrate your union in a way that makes both of you happiest. Happy planning!