Wedding invitations can be a statement piece for some couples. They want to do MORE than a simple piece of paper to invite guests to the biggest event of their adult lives. But what can be done? Well, the answer is LOTS! Let’s dive into some unique ideas that creative couples can expand on to make their invitations extra special and special to them. 

Comic Book Adventures! 

Who says your invitations need to use formal language and techniques? Lighten up and get fun with it! The comic-loving couple might consider hiring an artist to create a comic strip of the bride and groom and their love story. Imagine the smile on your guests’ faces as they read the “Adventures of the Future Mr. and Mrs.”! Add in some silly stories about how you guys fight crime together for some extra laughs and smiles! It’s your day- make it fun. Make it YOU! 

“Tying the Knot” Pun

Everyone loves a good pun! That’s why one trend we’ve been seeing is the literal knot tying together those invitations. Get it?! Because they’re invited to witness you “tie the knot”?! This adds a bit of flair to an otherwise standard invitation and is always a classy touch. Your guests have to literally untie the knot to open or unfold the invitation revealing your wedding details. You can use ribbon, twine, burlap, whatever best matches the vibe and decor of your wedding day! 

Make an Appearance 

Couples use their photos for the Save the Dates, so why not the invitation too?! It makes it a bit more personable to hang on the fridge. Our most favorite invitation featuring the bride and groom was a series of photo booth pictures of them together holding signs up containing the details of the wedding. So cute, so silly, and gets the job done! The RSVP cards even had a photo of them holding a “Yes, we can attend” sign and one with a “No, we can’t make it” sign. Make it your own, and have fun with it! 

Give it a Theme

Another fun choice would be to let the invitation have a theme! So many couples think the invitation needs to have the proper, formal wording, and it tends to get so serious and fancy. Let some of your personality shine through! Are you a couple who loves Star Wars? Video games? Harry Potter? Music? There must be SOMETHING you two adore together, and wouldn’t it be so memorable to run with that theme?


Know anyone who’s a talented artist? Some of our favorite invitations are ones that double as a piece of artwork. Having an artist make your invitations gives them such a memorable touch, and the artist is usually willing to work with you to give you exactly what your vision is. Their calligraphy is usually unmatched and gorgeous, and you just can’t beat the quality. Handmade wedding invitations are perfect for Georgia vintage weddings!

Whatever you choose to do, the end result is the same. It all leads to that big day, and you can frame your invitation to remember it forever!