Trending Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage weddings are all the rage right now and there’s no question why. Vintage weddings bring a sentimental meaning from the past, combined with modern trends and couple’s personalization. We would say that vintage weddings are the easiest to make your personality and your style shine while incorporating a romantic, sentimental environment. 

So, you’re thinking about going with a vintage wedding? You’ve come to the right place! We are ready to inspire you with our knowledge and experience with vintage weddings (our favorite btw!) There are many different kinds of “vintage weddings” and we want to give you some different options to consider. Here are the top vintage wedding themes we see trending!

Simple & Intimate Theme

For this theme, we’ve seen couples throw the cutest backyard weddings! This theme is great if you want to keep the guest list small and the intimacy high. Decorate using various pieces of wood. Creating this vibe is easy and fun! Stack wood pallets for a table, use an old bike with beautiful flowers in the basket as a prop, incorporate vintage furniture into your set up. To engage and connect with your guests, use black and white photographs or even polaroids as an aspect of decorating. A fun way to do this is to paint or stain an old ladder and fasten a string or small rope between each step to hang pictures from.

Modern Vintage Theme

Combining modern tones with vintage styles isn’t as hard as it may sound and definitely results in a gorgeous outcome. The best way to go about creating a modern vintage vibe is to contrast colors in a crisp and clear way. Contrast the light cream with a modern, dark green. Contrast your light pink with a deep red. When incorporating wood, use dark stained wood to make your white aspects pop! Decorate by choosing an awesome color pallet that incorporates light and dark colors and leaves little in-between. Use white furniture for decoration accompanied by dark wood props and colored flowers. Keep it simple, clean, and sharp.

Gatsby Vintage Glam Theme

Gatsby vintage glam weddings are a blast! Master this look by sticking to a black, white, and gold color scheme. Decorate using vintage props such as a black typewriter, gold picture frames featuring black and white photos, use white feathers and pearls as props. Consider having the groomsmen wear black bow ties, suspenders, and hats to really complete this look! 

Lace & Burlap Theme

This is one of the more popular themes this season and we are totally IN love with it! Not only is this a beautiful, romantic theme to go with, but the decorations used can also be quite cost-effective. Use mason jars, white lace, and light brown burlap to decorate. Use brown kraft paper, decorated with lace for invitations and wedding programs to immediately set this as the wedding vibe. Decorate with fairy lights or candles to add a romantic glow. Accompany your white pieces with light wood. This can include barrels, crates, and wood slices. 

Finding the Perfect Venue

There are some beautiful vintage wedding themes that you can opt for, but what is really going to make or break the theme is the venue you choose. If you’re looking for the perfect vintage wedding space, be sure to consider their theme. Is it modern or will it fit your vibe? Is it large enough to create that light and breathable vintage theme that you’re aiming for. Does it provide vintage props already? Consider looking into Spring Lake Events. We have the space, the vibe, and the props to really nail that vintage vibe you’re going for! For more information or to book an appointment call (770) 377-6962 or email us at