Tips For Wedding Day Transportation

The day of your wedding is always the craziest and high energy filled day! So here are some tips to help you get through the day and make your transportation a smooth transition to each site you need to go to.


Try to book your vehicle as early as possible! There are so many people who will be booking transportation for various reasons and events. For example if you are having a spring wedding and want to rent a limo, a lot of schools are having their proms around that same time. So we suggest to book about 4 to 6 months out. It will give you plenty of options as well as it will give your party plenty of time to learn the schedule and give your guests transportation options as well.


Spend some time creating an FAQ because trust me, it will come in handy. FAQ for your guests will be perfect for both you and them because you get all the needed information out there and you won’t have to feel like pulling out your hair after answering the same question 15 times in a row. Your FAQ can include times for when your ceremony and reception starts and ends. Phone numbers for the hotel or transportation is also a great thing to include!


Make sure to take into account how many people are apart of your bridal party and which guests you plan on transporting to the venue. Limos don’t have as much room for larger parties, so a bus would be a better solution. Count up how many people you plan to transport and add a few extra seating in the estimate so people aren’t packed in like sardines and there is enough room for everyone.

Your Guests’ Needs

When booking different venues and transportation, take into account if any of your guests have children. They may require booster seats and if you have any guests who are in a wheelchair are attending and you plan on transporting, you will need a vehicle that has a wheel chair lift. You may also have guests who are flying in for your big day, they will need some type of transportation from the airport. Make sure to discuss this with you out of town guests, if they need you to pick them up from the airport, or if they need to rent a car on their own.

Early Shuttle Return

Schedule a shuttle a little earlier than when you plan to return to the hotel, because you may have quests who are elderly or even who have children and they can’t stay up as late as you and your other guests. Having an early shuttle for these guests will ensure a pleasant night for everyone, some kids get cranky and start crying in the middle of your dance floor. So getting an early shuttle will prevent any melt downs.

Your Hotel

If you already booked a hotel block so you and your guests can all be on the same floor and rooms close to yours, check with the hotel to see if they have a shuttle. See if they can shuttle guests for you, they may even have a van or bus at a discounted price (depending on how many rooms you booked in your block).


While you have booked out far in advance so you have a great price and the vehicle of your choice, make sure you continue to communicate with the agency or rental car place. This is so important, because a lot of the time, details can get lost. Next thing you know, your reserved car or limo was never actually reserved and now you are freaking out. Make sure to check the month of the wedding and then the week of! Also be sure to remind your guests around these same times to prevent any misunderstandings.