We know we run a wedding venue, but every aspect of your day will be covered by your photographer. They’ll be by your side, asking us questions, and taking advantage of all that Spring Lake has to offer as a wedding venue. We’ve met all kinds of amazing (and not so amazing..ssshhh) photographers. We’ve even seen a few be flown in from all over the country to photograph Spring Lake weddings.

We know exactly what you need to look for in a wedding photographer for your Georgia vintage wedding. Here’s our list top ten tips to choosing the perfect wedding photographer.

10. Start looking early. Just like your dream wedding venue (ahem), dream photographers only have so many available wedding days in the year. And the good ones get booked early. So start your search right after you reserve your wedding venue (770.377.6962).

9. Choose a wedding photographer with good communication skills. You have no idea how important communication is on wedding day until you have a vendor with poor communication skills. You want to make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page from day one. That means everything from dates and times to details in your contract.

8. Choose a wedding photographer that fits your budget. While we know your venue and photographer are probably at the top of your list of priorities, we’re still not big advocates of starting out your marriage in the hole financially (that’s part of the reason we make our wedding packages as affordable as possible!). If you’re looking for your dream photographer on a tight budget, consider a Sunday wedding. Or another¬† good option for finding a less expensive but still awesome photographer is to look for a talented photographer that is just starting out. Don’t forget that you can also shift your budget around to accommodate the photographer of your dreams. Remember, you’ll need a venue for space to create the wedding of your dream. You’ll need a photographer to capture the memories you want to remember forever.

Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

7. Find a photographer that knows how to capture details. You’re probably spending a lot of time making your wedding day gorgeous from the table decorations to your shoe selection, and you want to remember all that gorgeousness 20 years from now.

6. Choose a professional wedding photographer. We know your best friend’s brother just got a fancy new camera or your Uncle Bob has been taking pictures of the local sports teams for ages. Wedding photography is it’s own segment of photography for a reason. A wedding day is full of specific details and things to be on the lookout for (like that quiet kiss between you and your groom during dinner) that only a professional will know to watch for.

Join us next time for our top five tips!!