Gifts you Should Not give to the Newlywed Couple


Unless it is specifically asked for by the bride or groom, do not give them a pet as a wedding gift. They may not have the funds to take care of the pet. They may also not have the time or space. They may also be allergic to animals. Keep in mind 

Anything matching 

Matching mugs, plates, towels with a cute saying on it may not be the way to go. You may like it, but that does not mean that it is the bride or grooms style. 

Anything Monogrammed

Monogramming wedding gifts is a fine line between elegant Southern style and completely wrong. There are plenty of horror stories of monogramming gone wrong. Some brides have even had the complete wrong initial on her monogrammed shirt that was given to her as a present, there was an S on it and there is no initial S anywhere in her name. So if you do decide to go this route, double check the name and the final product.

Exercise Equipment

Giving exercise equipment as a wedding gift can be seen as insulting. You may have had their best interest at heart, or didn’t give much thought of what you should get the couple. However, exercise equipment is not the way to go. 

Self help books

Self help books may also come off as insulting. Again you may have their best interest at heart or completely lost as to what to get them. Do not give them a self help book because it is not the time or place for that topic.

Home Decor

I advise against giving them home decor unless it is on their registry. The couple typically already has an idea of how they want their home to look. If you give them a present and expect them to use it in their house even though it completely does not fit their style, that is not very considerate.

Anything political

Leaving politics out of the wedding is best forever one. A wedding is not the time or place for it, and it especially should not be a gift-related political item either. This is their big day, don’t instigate conflict into a day of celebration.

Decorations for the wedding 

Unless it is specifically requested for, and the bride or groom asked for your help to make custom decor for the wedding, Don’t make or buy any decorations yourself. Don’t make them feel obligated to use your last minute decor in the wedding especially if it doesn’t fit the theme of the wedding.

Baby gifts

Baby gifts are not the time or place for a wedding unless it is specifically asked for by the bride or groom. This is their day, and baby gifts can be given at another time. If you are an out of town relative, make sure to give any baby presents to the couple prior to the wedding.