These days, vintage weddings are breathtaking. They are film-worthy and dripping with incredible details. The wedding dress is only the beginning of wedding day apparel, layering on hair and makeup artists, delicately-detailed hair pins, statement shoes and jewelry fit for a queen. And that’s only the ladies. The men are usually adorned with three piece suits with vests, suspenders, stylish watches, bow ties or standard ties, statement socks and/or shoes, incredibly creative boutonnieres and likely hiding a monogrammed flask in their suit somewhere. And that’s just the clothes. You get the idea.
Every detail is planned out in weddings these days. It’s a lot like planning a scene from a movie. There’s the wardrobe department, hair & makeup, set design, catering for staff/actors, lighting, audio/sound effects, photographers, cinematographers, musicians/composers, and the list goes on. That’s not even counting the director and actors. Or the grips that do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work. And if you think about it, there’s a mirror equivalent for each one of those categories in the wedding industry, as if weddings these days are aiming to be just like a scene out of the big screen.
And here’s where the honesty comes in. If you absolutely love planning every detail of every moment, then you’re going to love planning your wedding. And you definitely should plan every detail that you want to plan. There’s nothing wrong with setting the perfect stage for an amazing moment to happen on. And it’s awesome to know that you provided the opportunity for your wedding guests to have a blast (score for the photo booth idea!)!
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But know what? It’s also totally okay to live simply. All you really need is you, your groom and your officiant to get married. The rest of it is just bonus. Yes, if you have guests hanging around, it’s probably a good idea to feed them. And you probably want to amaze that groom of yours with a stunning dress. And rings are a good idea. But truly, your wedding day should be gorgeous no matter how much effort you are able to contribute to your day. Life is busy. And already expensive.
That’s why our packages are set up the way they are. It’s all included. Flowers. Food. Venue. Amazing scenery and decor. We don’t know your dress size, so you’ll probably want to take care of that. But don’t buy into the idea that you have to plan every detail to have a breathtaking wedding day. Because it’s truly not that way here at Spring Lake. You wedding can be effortless. And affordable.
You’re going to love this place.