The Pandemic-Era Wedding

With the world still uncertain with the current pandemic, we still are not sure when it all will be over. People are compromising their dream of big weddings by settling with a smaller wedding and reception. Some people are even choosing just to elope to prevent any more risk of it spreading to their loved ones and friends. However, if you still wish to have a wedding despite it being on the smaller side, we have some great precautionary measures you can take for your safety and the safety of your guests!

Custom Made Masks

With everyone becoming accustomed to wearing masks, this can make for a great and useful gift that your guests can use! You can have your masks custom made with colors that match the color scheme of your wedding. If you have several colors in your palette, you can have each color made. Or you can also have the face mask as a reminder of your big day with the date of your wedding printed on the custom made masks. You can even go as far as including the last name you will be taking.

Party Favors

With party favors being a small gift that everyone gets excited for when they end their night, being COVID conscious it would be a great idea to include small hand sanitizer in each bag. If you wish to highlight cleanliness at your wedding, you can also include some amazing organic soap or even soap you made by hand. You can also include a small pack of hand wipes!

Social Distanced Seating

This is perfect for outside weddings, by setting the seats far enough apart it will ensure the safety of your guests. If you have guests that are worried that they won’t be able to hear during the ceremony, you should prepare for that! Don’t forget that using a mic and speakers can be an amazing tool. You can also make sure that your guests sit far enough apart when eating and relaxing during the reception. Ask your guests ahead of time what they would prefer, if the want to have a table to themselves or if they don’t mind sharing a table with just a few other people. 

Reception Menu

A very popular thing to do during receptions for the food is to provide a buffet for your guests. However, to keep with the theme of cleanliness and limited interaction, it would be a good idea to have the food pre-prepared and served to each table. By eliminating most of the common interactions that would be common in a wedding and reception, it helps keep any germs from spreading. So with the help of masked and gloved servers handling food would be the best bet.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Alternative

Celebrating the last night of freedom before getting hitched the next day is a time-honored tradition. However, with many places having restrictions on the amount of people and some places are even closed there are not many options. So the best thing to do is having a small intimate party at your home! Celebrating with your friends is the main goal of the night, so don’t get held up on the fact that you can’t go out. Enjoy these intimate moments with your friends and family, because you don’t know when you will have another chance to celebrate with all of them like this again.