How To Get Your Marriage License After The Wedding


You need to get a marriage license before the day of your Georgia wedding. You will also need to see how long that the marriage license is valid for. As the big day approaches, it is best to assign someone to look after the license on the day of the wedding. It is easy to get lost with all the excitement during the day. 


When it comes to getting your marriage license, you need to check out your local town hall or clerks office to make sure you have what it required to obtain your marriage license. What most states require birth certificates from both you and your spouse. You also need proof of citizenship for both or proof of residence.  There is also the requirement  of a photo ID. Plus if you have become a widow or have been divorced, you will need to have a copy of the death certificate or the divorce decree.

There is also the matter of the fee. When getting your marriage license you need to pay for the fee. You may need to pay it with a money order or a cashier’s check. You could also pay with cash. Depending on which state you are in you could also pay for it using a credit card. Sometimes there is also the requirement of doing a blood test, it is not very common anymore but some states still do it.


You should plan to get the marriage license the week or two prior to your wedding ceremony. If you try to get it the day of or even the day before you may be met with problems. If you put it off for too long then you may not be able to grab  your marriage license due to holidays, weekends and other things that may pop up.


There are so many rules and other requirements that are in place when you try to obtain your marriage license. Each state varies with their different requirements and rules. It also varies with different countries. But the most likely place you can get your marriage license is by contacting the city you live in, the county or even town clerks office. They can help and direct you to the key information. A majority of cities and countries have websites to assist with marriage license requirements. There is also the option of filling out the application for a marriage license online and pay the fees with a credit card.


It is important to have a marriage license, because it is similar to having a permit. It is also kind of like a driver’s license. It states that you are legally allowed to marry, however just because you get the actual marriage license that does not mean you are married. To be able to actually be married you must get married in front of someone that has the power to legally marry you. Then you complete the license and you are officially married!