What Not to Do On Your Wedding Day

The day of your wedding always tends to be the most stressful day for everyone involved. So here are a few tips on what NOT to do so you don’t make it anymore stressful.


Getting a massage, wax, facial or other intense beauty treatment on the day of your wedding may not be the best time to do it. It is better to do these things a couple days before the wedding takes place in case you have some weird reaction to a facial or waxing and ruins your day.

Wearing new shoes for the first time can make your night into a nightmare. It is understandable that you don’t want to ruin your beautiful wedding shoes, but you need to break them in because you will probably end up standing in those ALL DAY.

Exercising too hard the day of your wedding can cause an unnecessary injury and cause a delay in your wedding. Even if the injury isn’t too serious, you still don’t want to go all day with an irritating pain making you grumpy on your big day.

Forgetting to eat or intentionally missing meals so you can fit into your dress will not benefit you in the end. Even if you tell yourself “I’ll just eat at the reception” more often than not, brides don’t end up getting that luxury and go all day without food.

The Wedding

There is no point in stressing about the weather, you shouldn’t stress about something that you have absolutely no control over, it will drive you crazy. Plus, we have some awesome backup rainy wedding day wedding venue locations!

Starting or finishing big DIY projects the day of your wedding is a No-No. You are already stressed and you don’t need a huge project looming over you to ruin your mood.

Waiting to write your vows at the very last minute will be the death of you. Unless you are someone who successfully thrives of pressure, I highly recommend you do not wait till the morning to write them. Having them already written out will lessen your anxiety.

Wearing killer heels when you aren’t used to the height can cause you to be unbalanced and fall during your ceremony, making your wedding a memorable one, and not in a good way.


Getting too drunk during your reception is not a good idea, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your family and in-laws by doing something you normally would not do if you were sober.

Hosting too much and partying too little will cause you to miss out on memorable moments. You won’t be enjoying your reception and instead be focused too much on making all your guests happy.

Having it out with a vendor in front of your guests would not only disrupt the celebration but also leave a bad impression on your guests. Try to avoid any conflict if possible.

Family and Friends

Complaining about your in-laws is something you should try to avoid, it will only stress you out more. Also if they overhear you complaining about them it can cause unwanted awkwardness during the ceremony and reception. The groom may also not appreciate unkind words said about his family members on the day of his wedding.


Packing for your honeymoon on the day of your wedding will add to the stress of the day. Try packing before the wedding date to shorten the list of things that need to get done before you leave on your honeymoon.