In order to stay up with the advancing times, using different pieces of technology in your wedding seems natural these days. The options for doing so appears endless. If you want a techno-centric or simply a tech-savvy ceremony and reception, then by all means, let’s create it.

Here are the best ways to incorporate technology in your wedding:


We’d be remiss to leave out the beloved hashtag craze. While this may not seem as forward in tech as some of the others in the list, the fact remains that up until a few years ago, this choice was not even a figment of anyone’s imagination. Now, you basically have a built-in photo-album of sorts to track all the photos guests and wedding party attendants took.


Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding, this selection offers a unique view of the celebration. Imagine the stunning birds’ eye view of the vows or walking down the aisle. Drones transform the experience into an even more amazing memory. You could even use it as a carrier service to swoop in with the rings if you would rather. Oh, the electronic possibilities with this robotic piece of machinery.


In a similar fashion, go-pros can be tethered and hidden in many places for a moving first-person vantage point of the happenings. Think about where you could place these – the bride’s bouquet to get that glimpse of the groom’s face as she enters. Or, turn the tables, and place a button camera on the groom to get his perspective. Such special memories captured in an incredible way.

Revamped Photo Booth

GIF booths are now sweeping the wedding scene. Bursts of photos are taken with special video equipment, then stitched together to create three to six second animated video loops. The best part? These loops can be sent via email or uploaded directly to your social media account. Yes, please! That’s just the beginning of the high-tech photo booth customizability. Add this to your “must look into” category.

Cake Reinvented

Not only are the photography, videography, and décor able to be enhance, but now technology can level-up your wedding cake. You can have a simple cake baked and use light projections to wow your guests with a true show-stopping cake. Another option is to 3D print cake decorations. Once you go down the road at the possibilities with light projections and 3D decorations, you will be blown-away. The intricacies that can be created are breathtaking.

The ways in which technology has been enriched and built upon is astounding. Weddings have jumped leaps and bounds from years ago. Although, the beauty and memories in each stand the test of time no matter what way you decide to bring two souls together in union. Take these ideas, use one or more, or twist the usage to fit your theme and ideas. Undoubtedly, you will design the perfect modern, technology inclusive marriage that anyone could imagine. Maybe some jaws will drop at the innovation even. Whatever your hearts’ dream up and desire.