The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues In Georgia

Have you seen the wedding venues in Georgia these days???! 

I mean, they’re absolutely stunning. Almost all of them look like they are straight out of a magazine. Or on their way straight into a magazine like we have been. 

I’m not sure what you’re looking for in a wedding venue, but we spent some time thinking about modern wedding venues before creating Spring Lake Events. Paula Dean likes to make her not yo mama’s banana puddin’ and we think that wedding venues are kinda like Paula Dean’s banana pudding. Those days of getting ready for a wedding in a church basement are over (thank goodness!!!). 

How To Choose The Best Georgia Wedding Wedding Venue

But when we were planning our wedding venue there were so many things to consider. 

First was location. It’s the one. thing. You just can’t change. If you’re in Downtown Atlanta, you’re a Downtown Atlanta wedding venue. If you are a golf course wedding venue, you will always be scheduling around tournament and wedding conflicts. But if you’re out in the quiet country, you’re in the perfect place in a place where you can stretch the limits and be just about whatever you want to be. 

That’s a hard decision right there. Did we want to build a fancy gardenesque wedding oasis out beyond the smog and traffic? Or maybe a quaint wedding chapel with an eco/boho vibe? Or just a rustic barn that looked 100 years old? Or, maybe even a wedding venue with a lakeside/fishing vibe since we had a spring fed lake? Or a vintage wedding venue near Atlanta where rusty trucks and lace dresses fit in like family? 

Well. We just couldn’t decide, so we became a little bit of everything. Our manager, Renty, has amazing design style and she’s made some great choices over the years to add features and elements to the venue that help make it what it is today. 

We think when you do come for a tour, you’ll find that Spring Lake Events is the perfect canvas for whatever style of wedding you want to have. Glam it up or dress it down. You’ll fit right in. 

And do you know what? Even though wedding venues seem like they’re a dime a dozen these days, we think you’re going to feel a little different while you’re here visiting Spring Lake. We think you’ll feel like you’re at home. Like you can slow down and enjoy the important people and things in your life. You’ll feel like you belong and like your time here, your contribution, means something. 

Because it does. We wouldn’t be here without amazing couples and their families who have become part of our family. 

The Best Georgia Wedding Venues

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. And some of the quiet has been a welcomed opportunity to take a Saturday in May off work. Time to enjoy the property we are honored to steward. And to have the time and space to breathe and think a little. 

So, we wanted to thank you for considering Spring Lake. In the vast sea of Georgia wedding venues, we hope you’ll see something different here at Spring Lake. Because we sure do.