9 Top Wedding Planner Tech Tools


It is an event management app that automates and simplifies the whole planning process. It makes your job as a planner easier by sourcing out your venue and has custom dashboards and reports after the event.


It is one of the best planning software for the unique event venues as well as serves as a web app for sales and event management. It is mainly built for places such as hotels, restaurants and other unique venues. With the help of tripleseat, it has the capability to increase event sales and make the planning process streamlined. It also converts leads to bookings, helps create contracts and so much more. 

Aisle Planner

Aisle planner is a favorite for wedding planners, everyone was using different programs such as Dropbox and Gmail Folders, but now it has everything in one place. It ranges from color palettes and client communication and timelines. It functions as a checklist, design studio, and budgeting tools. It also allows for easy collab with clients. Aisle Planner holds everything that a wedding planner needs, is replaces the long email chains and over-stuffed binders. The app was created with wedding planners in mind so it completely understands how wedding planners operate. They are always updating and making changes for the better.

Event Mobi

Event Mobi is an event management tool that allows you to engage with your guests. You can interact with them before, during and after the event. It also has the capability to do live polling, feature live activity feeds and gamifications. Private chat is also available so you can cater to VIPs and their individual needs.


With this app, you can create visual menus for your clients and guests. While in the back of the house for catering you are able to create a list of ingredients and food prep for the cooks. Your guests can enter their desired food selection and you are able to observe that data to see how much food and drinks the guests are going through.


If you are looking to incorporate social media into your events, Everwall has so many customized tools that are needed for all your social media needs. It has real up-to-the minute social media activity from all your attendees. CNN, Forbes and Microsoft are part of their top clientele.

All Seated

It offers users accurate floor plans to scale as well as guest lists and seating arrangements, at no cost! It is simple to use and has great diagrams and visuals for their clients, You can also email the venue to get the exact floor plan and upload it into AllSeated’s database. 


This is the perfect app that specializes for small events all the way to large enterprise affairs. It also provides helpful templates, and integrations like mailchimp and salesforce. They are continuing to further their development for future resources with their open API system. Their customer service has also won various awards for their expertise.


Trello is a great project management tool, the board and card system offers visual tools to help keep everyone on the same page. It is easy to manage and pleasant to look at, which helps any planner stay organized without a giant headache.