Thank you for the love you’ve shown us over the years! We regularly receive your testimonials and the words you share with us just melt our hearts. We cherish every letter, testimonial, and review we receive. They keep us going year after year.

One recent review we have received was posted on Facebook by Sarah :

“Our wedding at Spring Lake was everything I could have ever dreamed of! The landscape is beautiful, the sunset on our wedding day was absolutely breathtaking, and Mike and Renty truly do feel like family at the end of the process. Not only do they work to make sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, but they’re there for when things don’t. After I accidentally tossed my great grandmother’s sapphire ring in the trash can, Renty searched for it and cleaned it for me, then handed it to me less than two minutes before my walk down the aisle.. the reassuring hug from Mike just as we were about to walk was all that I needed to calm my nerves! Our wedding day was like a dream that I wish I could relive, and I wouldn’t pick any other venue than Spring Lake. Once you see it, you’ll know this is the perfect place to celebrate with family and friends. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to get married!”

If you haven’t seen us on Instagram, we’ve recently joined the Instagram party. We’re learning the ropes as we go, but we found that you’ve been sharing and mentioning us for years!! My goodness! What an honor to know that you’ve been giving us a shoutout even when you couldn’t tag us!

Vintage Weddings On Instagram

But now, thankfully, we are there on Instagram. You can find us with @springlakeevents. We would love it if you and your photographer would tag us using our new name or you can use #springlakewed and we’ll showcase your wedding. We love to share all the gorgeous weddings that have been hosted here at our wedding venue.

So, next time you’re hanging out on Instagram, come check us out and share your wedding photos with us (we know you’ve got them handy on your phone to share with everyone!). And if you’re still planning your wedding, we’d love to see how the wedding planning process is going! We love seeing our future brides tag us when they’ve just picked out their dress or when they find a new amazing custom wedding sign.

We eat, sleep, and breathe weddings (and know you probably are, too, if you’re planning your wedding!), so we’re totally into every little bit of the wedding planning process. From selecting your venue and caterer to choosing flowers, we know what works and what doesn’t along with how to make the day go more smoothly. Because who doesn’t want an awesome wedding day?!