21st Century Weddings

With technology taking over, there are now more than ever, new ways for your guests to interact through the internet.

*Note: A lot of weddings will request that you don’t pull out your cell phone during the ceremony because they have wedding photographers who are taking the pictures. Don’t ignore this request and be respectful. Also, don’t forget to live in the moment! You showed up for your loved ones big day, don’t let tech get in the way of that.


Lots of couples have websites dedicated to their wedding. It contains all information that the guests may need. For example a website can have: 

  • Important dates and times
  • Wedding theme
  • RSVP information 
  • Location of the ceremony 
  • Location of reception 
  • Bridal Party
  • Groom Party
  • Information on the bride and groom
  • Where the bride and groom are registered 


Having an instagram page dedicated to your wedding can be like a great photo album for everyone to see! You can upload prep photos to let everyone get excited and see what is in store for everyone before the wedding. Of course, just keep it at sneak peaks so there is still some element of surprise. Then you can upload photos from the wedding taken by the guests and also from the photographer. Both the reception and the ceremony will be special so it’s fun to be able to look back and remember. 

There is also a hashtag you can have your guests use on instagram when they upload pictures and videos themselves.

Example: #Sanchez&LopezWedding2020


For the wedding you can create your own Snapchat filter your guests can use and post. It may cost a little bit of money to be able to create one, but this is a special day that only happens once!


You can create a Facebook page about your wedding to help keep family and friends updated on info about the wedding and reception. You can also post sneak peeks as well as pumping your friends and family up for your big day!


You can create a vision board of what you want in your wedding. You can also create pins from your own wedding and tips and hacks that you yourself have learned from your own experience of planning a wedding. DIY projects for your own wedding are also another great thing to post. People love unique ideas for their wedding to make their big day special.


Live streaming is the new way for everyone to see your special day. Especially now with the current pandemic that has currently divided up families as we are all taking precautions to stay safe. It is also a great way for family members that are unable to travel even without everything going on. For new parents, whether they live only a few hours away or live across the country, it’s hard for them to travel with an infant. As well as grandparents who may not have the ability to go on long trips. With new technology and streaming they can now be there for you on your big day virtually.