Rain On Wedding Day Tips

We told you the rain is beautiful on vintage wedding days. Unknowing this gorgeous video was headed our way, last time we posted about the beauty in rainy wedding days. We’ve seen couples less concerned with the weather and more concerned with embracing the unexpected on wedding days. Wedding days are a lot like life. Even when you do your best to plan every detail and be prepared, you never know when there will be new unexpected challenges.

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

We think the videographer summed up our perspective on rainy wedding days perfectly.

We are featuring their quote straight from Iris Films’ facebook page:

“Hey Guys! You HAVE to check out our latest Wedding Diary! When I tell you it’s one of my faves, I’m not kidding! haha

As we ventured out to the beautiful Spring Lake, in Rockmart, GA, we noticed a little drizzle here and there. As our approach became nearer and nearer, that drizzle became drops. Now, we absolutely love country weddings: the cute craftiness, the warm glow of orange bulbs in contrast to country blue skies, and, naturally, outdoor ceremonies. But what do you do when you have an outdoor wedding planned and rain is knocking at your door? You throw caution in the wind, pop open some umbrellas, and have a wedding that people will always remember!

There is something special about a couple, and their family and friends, that are able to let it all out and just simply get wet…soaked for that matter. And I’ve got to tell ya, it was one of the most special, fun-filled, exciting, romantic, and memorable days we’ve ever been a part of! Sydney and Tyler are just awesome and so was everything they planned: an antique car arrival, canoe photo-op, photobooth, caricatures, money dance, pretty much all of the cool stuff you would ever want. Needless to say, I loved everything about this one and I hope you do to! Enjoy!”

And we can’t include a quote like that without showing you their video. It’s absolutely stunning. Rain and all.

Is it lucky for it to rain on your wedding day?

And even though we’re loving the dreamy rainy day weddings we’ve seen here at Spring Lake recently, don’t forget that we do have a rainy day backup plan inside our rustic wedding barn. It’s the perfect vantage point to say your promises overlooking the lake and fields. It’s cozy and intimate (and dry!). We think you’ll love your wedding day either way, even if it is raining.