Spring Themed Wedding Ideas

You got the ring and now you’re searching for a spring vibe wedding theme? We’ve got you covered. Get ready for some light, airy, blossomy inspiration for your big day!

Spring Wedding Colors

It all starts with the color scheme. Be sure to pick a light pallet if you want to enhance the spring season look. This can include light pink, matte grey-blue, light blue, light grey, fern green, and more. Whatever you choose, be sure the colors are light. Don’t overload the number of colors. Keep it minimalistic and simple. Too many colors can be distracting and detract from the overall theme. 

Spring Wedding Flowers

This one goes almost without saying. You’re having a spring wedding? You’re probably incorporating lots of flowers. While this is a spring wedding stereotype, make it unique in the way that you use your flowers. You can create unique centerpieces with blooming flowers, maybe even use real plants to emphasize the growing idea of spring. Decorate the altar, the backs of chairs, the food table, ect with beautiful, light-colored arrangements. 

Greenery for Spring Weddings

While colored flowers are common in spring weddings, use lots of greenery to give your wedding a unique, growing feel. You can use fern to decorate tables, shrubs to adorn the altar, succulents to add green growth to your table decor. Weave fern-colored garland around posts and arches. Use your resources to create a garden flowering gorgeous greens and pinks. 

Make a Spring Wedding Statement

There are two main focal points of your wedding, those are the entrance and the altar. In order to get the spring theme across, we give you permission to go crazy with these two entities. One of our favorite spring altar decorations is a flower arch. Create or rent an altar arch full of greenery and spring flowers. You can follow the same idea when decorating the entrance. Lots of flowers, lots of greenery. You can even fill rustic crates with assorted flowers and an abundance of gorgeous greenery. 

Dress the Part for a Vintage Wedding in the Spring

Spring colors are fun to wear and are absolutely beautiful to display through your wedding party’s attire. You can either pick a light, fun color for everyone to wear, OR you can have a ton of fun and give each person a spring color that fits in your theme and have an array of spring colors featured in your wedding clothing!