Ever heard the phrase, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” Especially if you’re in the middle of planning a Georgia wedding, we’re sure you have. The phrase refers to a wedding tradition where the bride is supposed to carry or wear one item of each for good luck on her wedding day and in her marriage. But why? Where did this phrase come from? Are you superstitious? Do you plan to follow along with this rule? 

The phrase originates from an Old English rhyme, and over time has just become a traditional rule of thumb. Many couples still choose to honor this tradition in good fun. And you can really get creative with it! Wear your grandmother’s antique brooch in your hair, perhaps (old and borrowed. Kill two birds with one stone!). If you’re really brave, dye your hair blue! Why not?

Something Old

This part of the rhyme was to reference warding off the “Evil Eye”. This protects any future children the couple may choose to have, so kind of an important detail if you’re superstitoud s and want kids. But really, the overall gist is to represent continuity. It’s a great opportunity for the couple to obtain something sentimental from a family member from an older generation. Not only does it serve the tradition, but you’ll be glad you added the sentiment to your plans. 

Something New

You’re going to need something brand new; just like your marriage! This one is all about being optimistic. Entering this new chapter in your life with something to represent its novelty. This is an easy one, too! Most of what you end up wearing/carrying on your wedding day is new, so case closed. You’re all set.

Something Borrowed

This one is all about the luck. Back in the day, it was actually suggested that you borrow the undergarments (yes, the underwear!) of a friend in a successful and happy marriage. Could you imagine asking your bestie THAT question? Nowadays, people have strayed away from that (phew!) and just go with borrowing something from a close friend or a family member that means something to them. Hopefully, whatever it is, it rubs off some of that good luck as intended. 

Something Blue

Back to the “Evil Eye”! Apparently, the color blue can deflect it (noted). Blue also represents a few things:

  • Love
  • Purity 
  • Fidelity 

You’re going to need all three of those things for a long, happy, healthy marriage. 

You can tie blue in however you see fit! Where something blue, have some blue flowers in your bouquet, wear a blue garter, put some blue gemstones on the bottom of your pumps- so many different options and windows of opportunity to be creative!