SnapChatting your Wedding

SnapChat is an ever-growing social media platform, and it’s become increasingly popular for guests at weddings to share the events of the evening with friends. Unless you’re having a very strict unplugged wedding, your guests will be utilizing SnapChat. Have some fun with it! 


If you’re a new SnapChat user, you may not know about the overlays they offer. Log into your account, and snap a photo. Now swipe to the right, and see what overlay options are available! SnapChat offers the option to create your very own personalized overlay for a special event, including your vintage wedding

How do you get one?

SnapChat does a great job of making this very user-friendly and easy to do! 

  1. Make sure you’re on your camera screen and find your profile icon. 
  2. You should see a little gear icon. Click that to go to your Settings. 
  3. Tap ‘Filters & Lenses’
  4. Select ‘Filters’
  5. Click the button at the top to create a new filter. 
  6. Is it for a wedding? Special event? Choose what it’s for (In your case, wedding!).
  7. Pick a template! 
  8. Customize! You can adjust or remove some stuff in the filter and can add your own text (your wedding hashtag here would be perfect!)
  9. Click on the checkmark when you’re happy with your filter.
  10. Name it! “The ________ Wedding”, or perhaps your hashtag again here. Something easily recognizable should do the trick! 
  11. Schedule it! You can choose to have it for just your reception, or maybe even the whole weekend! 
  12. Map it out. SnapChat will show you a map, and you can make the radius square as big as you’d like according to where you need your filter to show up. You can even include the hotels your guests will be staying in if you want to! 
  13. Check it. Don’t misspell that new last name! 
  14. Tap “Submit”, confirm your payment, and SnapChat will notify you when it’s confirmed! Happy Snapping! 

When should they Snap?

This part is totally up to you, but SnapChat tends to be more fun and playful type of social media event, so many brides opt to encourage their guests to send snaps from the reception. You have control over this! Since you can set the exact hours, you can get the Snap filter going at cocktail hour and let your guests get silly with it. If you have a wedding hashtag and are communicating that to your guests, that would also be a good place to let them know they can use your SnapChat filter! 

Should the Bride and Groom snap?

Trust us when we say, your guests will do so much snapping, you probably don’t need to worry about capturing this. After the day is done, you can spend the following morning opening all of your SnapChats and browsing through people’s stories to live the night all over again! Request that they send you any videos or photos they saved from the app, and you’ll have a great starting point for your own online album.