How To Showcase Your Engagement Photos At Your Vintage Wedding

You want to be able to show off your beautiful engagement photos at your wedding. This is the perfect window of opportunity to have photos that your guests haven’t seen before. You can make it special, unique and creative that not only you will love, but also your guests!

Guest Sign-In

As your guests file into the wedding venue and sign their names in your guest book, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your engagement photos. There are many options you can go for when putting the design of the guest book together. You can have a collage of several of your favorite photos, to each page with a different photo of the newlywed couple. As each of your guests sign in as record for your big day, they will be able to flip through and see your beautiful pictures.

Save The Date

You can have your “Save the Dates” printed out as magnets. By including your favorite engagement photos on the magnet, it will make your future guests excited for your big day. It is also a great way to add a personal touch to your save the date. By having them printed out on magnets, it will make it easier for your guests not to lose the invitation because it will be decorating their fridge. Or if you want to go with a different option, you can choose to print them out on cards instead that can be either framed or put away for safekeeping.


Having your photos printed out onto canvases makes the pictures pop! You can display the canvas as decorations around the venue. By doing this, your guests can enjoy the unique decor at your wedding and reception. Also after the ceremony and the reception is over, you can take home the canvases and display them all over your home that you and your new spouse share together.


During the ceremony while people are coming into the venue and taking their seats or mingling with all the other guests this is a great time to show a slideshow. By using a projector and setting up a slideshow with all your favorite engagement photos, it is a great way to showcase your photos! As your guests wait and talk amongst themselves, they can also sit back and watch your beautiful photos and flip through the digital album. You can also show these at your reception instead of at the ceremony.

Table Centers

Having small photos in beautiful frames placed on elegant tables is another great way to share your beautiful photos with your guests without them feeling overwhelmed. The bride and groom can also encourage the guests to take home the decorations from the center table. This makes for a win-win situation. Not only does it have a unique spin on it but you are also sharing your beautiful engagement photos with your friends and family. As well as giving them another small present once they take home the framed engagement photos.