Should You Hire an Onsite Wedding Coordinator?

While you may be aware of the importance of a good wedding planner, caterer, and florist even before you begin preparing, an onsite coordinator is the unsung hero of your big day. Your onsite coordinator, as the point person for your venue, is at your side from the time you choose a date and sign on the dotted line.


What distinguishes an onsite coordinator from a wedding planner? And, what exactly is this wedding worker doing to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch? Continue reading to find out the answers to your burning questions.

What Does an Onsite Coordinator Do?

The primary responsibility of an onsite coordinator is to look after the venue. Their attention is drawn to the “big picture” of the wedding preparation process and day. This job is responsible for much more than just opening the venue’s doors on your wedding day.


An onsite coordinator is there to ensure that the venue is ready to host your event, from aiding with floor plans to managing vendors moving in and out of the premises to regulating traffic flow.

Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator

You may think that a wedding planner and coordinator are one and the same thing, but the truth is they’re totally different roles in your Georgia wedding.


The teams and priorities of a wedding coordinator and planner are very different, so a Georgia bride may want to hire both.


Unlike a venue manager, whose job is to promote, manage, and eventually sell the venue, your planner’s job is to promote, manage, and sell on behalf of the client at all times. One person will be focused on you as the bride, while the other will be focused on the Georgia venue.


A wedding planner’s duty is to take care of all the little things that add up to make your big day perfect, from coordinating with suppliers to ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Should You Hire Both Professionals?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. If you have a big enough budget, hiring a wedding planner and coordinator can help your Georgia wedding run smoothly.


Both can work together to ensure there is less stress on the couple getting married and minor details are taken care of. Both of these professionals will enable you to focus on your big day.


A wedding coordinator will be organized and be able to problem-solve under stressful situations. They will have your best interest in mind but also keep the venue functioning on behalf of the bride and groom.


You will want to find someone you trust completely to take over this role because they will be the number one go-to person for other vendors.


It’s time to think about hiring an onsite coordinator for your Georgia wedding or find a venue that has one ready to go. Finding a venue with a coordinator may help you choose what venue you use to host a grand wedding.