If you’re the kind of girl who is used to having an “assistant,” this may be an easy answer for you. There are many times when Brides know without a doubt that they need a coordinator before the big question even comes up!

For some though, you DIY savvy girls, who are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, you may be thinking “I don’t need a coordinator I can do it myself and save the money!” While you are correct, it can be done, consider these things before writing off the idea.

Wedding Coordinators are Pros

Generally speaking, if you hire a wedding coordinator/planner, you’re hiring someone who has experience in the field. This someone has probably witnessed a few mishaps and thus learned ways to prevent and handle them.

She probably has a good idea of the timeline in which things need to be completed to eliminate any unnecessary surprises for you, and with each wedding the coordinator has honed their craft, hence, “practice makes perfect.” While no one can guarantee everything will go perfect, having a professional at your service will definitely offer you peace of mind as you won’t have to focus on the process.

Your BIG Day!

The day before, and the day of your wedding, should be two days that the whole world stops spinning! As the Bride to be, you should be relaxing and soaking up every moment, spending time with those you love and really reflecting on your life. If you decide not to hire a coordinator, these precious hours could be spent fretting over what time the cake is getting dropped off, or why the caterers are running late.

If you are the “hands-on” type of bride; you may decide to handle all the decision making and coordinating up to your big day. There, of course, is always a compromise. Hiring a professional or asking someone that you trust to handle the madness filling the last moments until “I DO” is another great way to “have your cake and eat it too.” You still get to be elbow deep in the process, but then, on your very special day, you are able to let go of the little details like; Oh No, who’s going to light all these candles?! – (‘Cause girl, let me tell you, that is a big job that no one thinks about until last minute)

No matter what you decide, whether hiring a planner to handle all the details for you, doing it all yourself or asking someone to aid in the execution of your special day; make sure that you consider each option thoroughly. Don’t be pressured to do what any other bride did, after all, this is YOUR day.

At the end of the day 2 facts will remain no matter what you choose, you will be married & you will have made countless memories with the people you hold dear.

And to us, those are the most important details of them all.