When you start planning your wedding, one of the first things you will be planning is food and drink. The inevitable question will come up. “Should I have an open bar?” This is what many young couples have to consider. Having a full open bar can be a great experience and set a fun vibe for your wedding. However, that is not the only option you have. There are many pros and cons to think about when choosing a full open bar for weddings, but there are also alternatives you should consider. Georgia wedding venues can be one of the best places to host a reception, but it’s up to you to pick out the finer details. 

Pros and Cons For a Full Open Bar

You will have so many things to plan for your Georgia wedding venue, this is the best day of your life, and you want it to be perfect. Having a full open bar for weddings means soft drinks, hard drinks, and more are totally free for the guests. However, there are pros and cons to choosing this option. 

Pros of a Full Open Bar for Weddings

Sometimes having an open bar means you can also create a signature cocktail to pair well with the main dish or food being served. Take a look at these other advantages of having an open bar before making your decision. 

  • It Says Thank You- If you are looking for a perfect way to thank your guests for taking the time to come, this is a great way to do it. Your guests may have had to travel for a long time or have spent tons of money to get to your wedding. 
  • Memorable- Having an open bar will allow toasts to go smoothly. Everyone will feel included, and it is a sure way to make any event memorable. 
  • Keeps Guests Busy- This is an excellent way to keep your guests busy, happy, and chatting with each other. 

Some of these advantages may stand out to you. If you feel like this is the best way to show your guests you appreciate them it may be the best option for your Georgia wedding venue.  

Cons of a Full Open Bar for Weddings

There are a few pitfalls to having a full open bar at your wedding. This can be a risky choice for many reasons. 

  • Poor Guest Behaviour- You can provide a wedding full open bar, but that also means guests can drink when they want and as much as they want. You cannot control your guest’s actions, and this can be a risk.
  • Budgeting- Full open bars can rack up the expenses to your total wedding cost. Sometimes, they are not cheap. 
  • Driving Incidents- When you have a full open bar, some wedding guests may still try to drive home. This can lead to many incidents. 

So, which should you choose? The decision is up to the bride and groom. It can be whatever suits your lifestyle, theme, and wedding the most.  Some couples even choose to buy their own alcohol to bring to the event. Not everyone chooses to have an open bar for weddings because there are some alternatives. 

Alternatives to a Wedding Full Open Bar

There are many young couples joining the “Sober Curious Movement,” which means instead of hosting an open bar, they are staying away from alcohol. There are some other types of bars you can choose from instead. 

  • Kombucha Bar- If you love kombucha, opt for a kombucha bar instead! They make great mixed drinks and can be turned into fancy mocktail drinks. 
  • Italian Soda- Instead of serving bubbling champagne, make a toast with Italian soda!
  • Old-Fashioned Lemonade Stand- If you have a vintage or rustic wedding, look into an old-fashioned lemonade stand. This is a fun way to get everyone drinking something non-alcoholic and totally unique for your wedding. 

When you pick out your Georgia wedding venue, it’s time to start thinking about the other details about your wedding.