Should You Do A Champagne Toast At Your Wedding?

In recent years, less and less people are choosing to have a champagne toast at their wedding, so we are going to break down the pros and cons to help you decide what is best for your vintage wedding in Georgia!

The Cost

Champagne alone is incredibly expensive, and a lot of times, the majority of it is thrown away. Even if you try to get a cheaper version of champagne, people will notice and have a lot of opinions on it. A lot of people can be really picky about their champagne as well. Some like it sweeter, and others like to have it more tart. There is no pleasing everyone. 

Children Attending

If you are having a wedding where children are welcome, then you may have to take into consideration that they will throw a tantrum because they don’t get to drink what the adults are drinking, so sparkling juice can be an option. You also have to be aware and warn your guests not to just leave their champagne glasses around so children don’t accidentally drink from them. 


When it comes to the toasting part of the evening, people will have to rush to the bar to try and get their champagne in time. This can be an especially tedious and frustrating process if there is only one bar. People hate big lines waiting to the bar, and the long lines will also hold up the scheduled toasts to go on as planned. 


It sounds silly, but you also need to take the weather into account. If the weather is colder, then an ice-cold glass of champagne can send shivers down your guests spine… but in all the wrong ways. There is also the scenario of warmer weather, if the toasts seem to go on forever, then the champagne that may have originally been cold, are now warm and sticky and people will be hesitant to drink it.

Self Serve

If you decide not to hire a bartender, and want to go the route of self serve, it can get out of hand quickly. If you have a station where your guests can help themselves to whichever drink they want, it can cause a ruckus and it can cause people to get drunk at an incredibly fast rate. You don’t want your guests to be a fumbling-drunken mess while your best man or maid of honor is trying to get through their speeches.


There are plenty of alternatives you can use instead of champagne. Some people really enjoy sparkling wines, the alcohol content is very low and some sparkling wines taste amazing! There is also sparkling tea, and if you want to go the non-alcohol route, you can always use sparkling cider or juice!