We know you have spent tons of time planning your Georgia wedding, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Things like family emergencies, spreading viruses, and not being ready can cause young couples to cancel or postpone weddings. 


Believe it or not, an enormous number of couples are postponing their weddings, pushing them out to 2023 and beyond. 


You should follow a certain wedding etiquette when canceling or postponing your wedding. You should always give enough notice for your guests to be aware of the situation. 


Here are some ideas you can use to warn your guests about the postponement and still plan your dream wedding. 

Check The Venue and Vendors

Many venues and vendors are more than understanding when plans change. If they can rebook for the same date, they won’t mind moving your wedding to a later date, but checking is essential. 


Some couples will have insurance or signed agreements, and you will want to read these over before moving your wedding date. 

Understand Your Finances

Before making any announcements on changing the date, look at your finances. Sometimes it costs more to move the date rather than stick with it. Finances are a big part of a wedding and can impact the final decision on whether or not to postpone weddings. 


Changing the date can cost more money especially if you are thinking of changing venues too. Look at the details you are planning to change besides the date, this will help you understand what unexpected costs could come up. 

Let Your Guests Know First

Once you have decided to postpone your wedding, you must let your guests know. Right now, there are tons of cute ways to do this. 


Find change the date cards instead of save the date cards to let your guests know that you are still throwing a celebration of your love. 

Choose a New Date

Once you let guests know that you are postponing the wedding, it’s time to start planning again. You will need to pick a new date, time, and location. 


Since you are rescheduling, you need to consider what your family and friends can attend. They may not be able to attend an event that is Tuesday but may be willing to work around a Friday night. 

Send Out Formal Invites

You will still be able to plan your dream wedding, but if that date changes you need to consider your guests first. Changing the date of your wedding doesn’t mean you have less to do, in fact, it means you have more details to plan around. 


Once you have those tiny details planned out, you can formally invite your guests to the wedding. This is the proper way to cancel or postpone weddings. 

Plan Your Dream Wedding In Georgia 

We know that changes happen, and sometimes changing venues happen too. Our venue has the most stunning scenes that will stand out in all of your wedding photos, and our team will work around everything you need, including date changes. 


Once you inform your guests of the latest changes, it’s time to start planning your dream wedding. It can take an entire team dedicated to you to make this day extraordinary. We are here to help.