Post Wedding Brunch Ideas

The day after wedding is also a very important day, especially if you decide to do a brunch for your family and friends. Try to keep in mind that if alcohol was served at the reception, to offer plenty of hydrating options for your guest such as water. It is important for them to detox from the night before. Now, here are some post-wedding brunch ideas that you will love!

Pool Party Wedding Brunch

If where you are staying has a pool available, use it! It is not only a relaxing spot, but also serves as a great theme. You can lean into the aquatic theme offering fun blue drinks and other fun details. It will also help you relax after having a stressful and long day from the day before. It is your time to enjoy your new chapter in life with your partner!

To-Go Wedding Brunch

Create a goodie bag that contains all the brunch materials! This idea is perfect if you or your guests don’t have enough time for a post-wedding brunch the day after. It is also a perfect pick-me up for the guests who may have partied too hard the night before and want to enjoy breakfast in bed. Some water, some mimosa ingredients and muffins or scones will be appreciated!

Grazing Table Wedding Brunch

A grazing table is a table that is covered with great healthy options. This includes a large variety of fruits, cheeses, crackers, and a few chosen pastries. Your guests can pick what they desire and there is no fuss with taking everyone’s orders.

Family Style Wedding Brunch

This is perfect if you want your brunch to have a more intimate setting. You can invite close family and friends to enjoy a meal with you and your new spouse. You can have a large table set up so everyone can sit down, eat, talk and enjoy themselves.

Waffles Wedding Brunch

Waffles are one of the easiest things to serve when having a post-wedding brunch. Everyone gets waffles, no special orders. Easy-peasy. You can also have the option of setting up a waffle dar that allows the guests to choose from a large variety of toppings to go on their waffles, such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and even chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

Ice Cream Cart Wedding Brunch

Do you have a huge sweet tooth? An ice cream themed brunch is the perfect way to go, especially if you have a wedding in the warmer months of the year. It not only helps your friends and family cool down with a sweet treat, but you can also give them either a large variety of fun different ice cream flavors. Or endless options for toppings.

Smoothies Wedding Brunch

If you are looking for a fast way, healthy a light option to serve your guests at your post wedding brunch, smoothies are the way! You can allow your guests to choose what they want in their smoothie or set up a pre-made menu from what they can order from. It is also a fun opportunity for you to create a specialty smoothie that can become your signature drink as a new couple.