The secret to planning a perfect Georgia wedding

We’ve seen a lot of weddings come through our venues. And each one is a little different. Different wedding styles. Different family styles. Different timelines. And photographers. And party styes. Every wedding has its own awesomesauce. 

But the best weddings. 

The best weddings have something special. It seems like everyone is peacefully chilling, maybe dancing or playing cornhole or sitting around a dinner table laughing about old memories. The speeches bring both a smile and a tear to the eyes. Everyone seems to have a good time. And there isn’t a lot of fuss and muss or hoop-de-doo. 

Sure, the wedding day is a blast that’s a whirlwind of reconnecting, cake cutting, vow exchanging, and tons and tons of photographs. Those things pretty much never change. 

But the best weddings have something different going for them.

So, we’ve done some studying to try and figure out what makes the very best weddings so special. And I think we’ve figured it out. 

What makes a wedding extra special?

The absolute most important thing you must do while planning your wedding is: (((drumroll please))) focus on simplicity. 

Ya. Simplicity. It’s sounds so easy, but is it really?

Let’s think about what that means. It means that you prioritize what the day is really about: marrying your best friend. 

The perfect wedding day is not about making mom and dad happy. Or serving perfectly crisped fried chicken. Or having flawless makeup. And we’re even going to go so far as to say it doesn’t even mean keeping on schedule. Sure, all those things are awesome. 

But if you get hung up on those details that are out of your control and could easily go awry, everyone will know. And they’ll get hung up on the details, too. And they’ll forget to focus on the most important thing: the fact that they are there to help you celebrate marrying your best friend.  

So, here is the challenge to having an awesome modern wedding: kick it old-school. 

Let me explain. My grandpa drove a brand new truck that he custom ordered from the dealer. If I was planning on ordering a new car, I’d have it fully loaded. Power everything. Heated seats, yes please. Sunroof? How about 2! Can we get it in a custom color, too? 

But not my grandpa. It came with leather seats without the seat warmers. The perfectly tinted windows were hand crank windows (yes! They still make those!). And instead of a fancy radio and thermostat option, he opted for the most basic choice. 

Not because he couldn’t afford it. Nope. But because he knew that with every extra fancy detail he added, it had a bigger chance of causing a headache later on. 

So, what on earth does my Grandpa’s truck have to do with wedding planning? 

Well, keep it simple. Have that fancy floral arrangement for the cedar arbor, but maybe go light on the table florals. Instead of having table numbers printed (where you might miss something), do it in chalk so you can change your mind if needed. Schedule out your day to the minute if that’s the kind of person you are, but keep in plenty of buffer time. 

It also might mean different things to different couples. It may mean open seating for one couple or minimal decorations for another. It might mean matching dresses/suits for the bridal party or it might mean mix & match for the bridal party. 

Whatever your way to keep it simple is on your wedding day, do that. And the rest of it will fall into place. And you will look back and remember the things that actually mattered (having that little conversation with Grandma or the long hug with Mom, or watching the sunset with your ***husband***!!!). 

And you will know you planned the best wedding ever.