Having kids participate in the wedding is always an adorable addition. Many couples have questions about age cutoffs, how many kids is appropriate, and what kinds of tasks they can do. Now, of course, it’s your wedding, so do WHATEVER you want when it comes to this, but we can go over what the most common rules of thumb are. 

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl 

The most obvious way to incorporate children into the wedding is definitely by way of a ring bearer or flower girl. It’s always popular with the crowd when these cuties make their appearance down the aisle! You can have them walk together or separately, and some people have multiple! This job is usually reserved for younger age groups, about seven years old or younger. Once you get beyond that, kids tend to think they’re a bit too cool for the gig (they grow up so fast, don’t they?!). Bonus points if they’re young enough to be pulled in an adorably decorated wagon by a bridesmaid! 

Junior Bridesmaids and Groomsmen 

Once the kids are about eight or older, you may want to consider promoting them to a junior bridesmaid or junior groomsmen. On the younger end, they will be SO proud and flattered that they get such a “grown-up” title. The older teens will expect nothing less, and would just about cringe in embarrassment if they were asked to be a flower girl or ring bearer. It’s also a good opportunity to explain what you may expect them to help with and give them a bit of responsibility. It’ll certainly be a cherished memory for you both. 

Song or Reading 

This is another task for an older child’s family member, and it would have to be someone who’s not afraid to be in the spotlight! You know those kids who are just so articulate and so beyond their years? They’re the ones who are bound to deliver an extra special performance at your wedding. Ask them to sing (if they are talented in that area!) at the ceremony or reception, read at the wedding, or recite a poem at the reception. All the old ladies will SWOON! 

Put Them to Work! 

An adorable idea for age-appropriate kids would be to host a stand at the reception! Kids can get restless, and tend to start running around and possibly getting themselves into trouble with the adults. Giving them a fun task that is well planned out in advance could be the answer to this! If they’re in that seven to ten-ish range, they might have some interest in offering a lemonade stand, dessert stand, or something else at the reception! Of course, the goodies would be free, but they’re in charge of making sure the guests get what they need! It ends up being an adorable, unique idea for the reception and gives them such a sense of responsibility and pride. 

Busy Bees

For the younger kids, you invite to be a part of the wedding, putting them to work isn’t as much of an option. Try putting together some “busy bags” for the reception! Fill it with age-appropriate goodies, games, puzzles, and art projects (nothing too messy!).  Not only does it make a great wedding party gift, but their parents will thank you for keeping them occupied at the reception! 

Kids of all ages have a place at vintage weddings if you want them to! The rules are in your hands, but we know the kids will make your day all the more special!