As we dig into some of the traditions that come with the territory of vintage weddings in Georgia, we also want to discuss an option you have; breaking them! 

So often an engaged couple tends to fall into the “norm” when it comes to planning their wedding. There isn’t much thought on why we do the things we do, and if they can be done differently. We are here to remind you that your wedding can be whatever you want it to be! 

Bridal Party

The idea that the bride’s party needs to be women and the groom’s needs to be men is silly! Of course, we have friends of the opposite sex, and it’s okay to include them in your wedding party. The idea of only same-sex bridal parties is outdated and just plain ridiculous given modern times. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and ask whoever it is you want standing by your side on that big day! 

Matching Dresses or Suits

Mismatched is IN, and by “in” we mean perfectly acceptable. Most often, you see a group of girls in the same exact dress, or at the very least, in the same exact color as the other “maids”. More recently, we have started to see bridesmaids in the same tones, or variations of the same color. But why do they need to wear the same color at all? Pick one for each! The same goes for the men. Who says their suits need to look exactly alike? Different colored ties? Sure, why not?! Make it your own, or let them make it their own!

The Toasts

This is another tradition that most couples just go along with because it’s the norm. While it’s nice to hear some kind words from loved ones, you don’t necessarily need to have anyone dig into your past and tell funny stories about you! Or say you do want toasts- you can have anyone give them! Your parents, a favorite aunt or uncle. Every detail is customizable, including this. 

The Cake Cutting (and maybe Smashing)

At some point during most receptions, the DJ or band will ask everyone to gather around the dessert table for the cutting of the cake. Then, your friends and family watch as you each feed each other a bite, and maybe smash some cake into the other’s face. This is yet another tradition that you absolutely have veto power over! Some couples may just want to continue partying the night away and not interrupting things, and that’s okay too! Who’s to say you need cake smashed in your face? Especially after paying that make-up artist! 

Taking Sides

Ever notice when you attend a wedding ceremony, there’s often a bride’s side and a groom’s side? This is one tradition we are more commonly seeing broken, which is great! Taking initiative! The idea is that your families are coming together, so it’s your choice if you want assigned sides or not, but know- they aren’t a requirement. 

The overall gist here is that your wedding = your rules. You will quickly realize that you are never going to make everyone happy, and people will have an opinion about whether you do everything in the traditional way or make up your very own rules. So why not get what you want?