Late Night Reception Snacks!

When it comes to having a reception late into the night, your guests tend to start feeling snacky. Not everyone wants to have another full meal or maybe the food has already been  put away. Some late night snacks are the perfect remedy to keep your vintage wedding guests satisfied all night!

Salty Wedding Snacks

Salty foods are so yummy! And they are the perfect snack to pair with basically any beer. Here are some of our favorites that you can serve at your reception! You can have a fun popcorn bar that has an assortment of flavors that you can add on top of your popcorn. Like caramel, ranch, and even jalapenos! (Don’t knock it till you try it!) You can also serve soft pretzels with a side of melted cheese or some people enjoy mustard. Another popular one is french fries! Everyone loves french fries, and you can also do a fun french fry bar with a different assortment of different dipping sauces.

Sweet Wedding Snacks

Sweets and weddings go hand in hand! There is always a yummy and beautiful cake at each reception. But after cake is done being served and it is getting late into the night as you are dancing your heart out, you and your guests may start to crave something else that’s sweet. Here are some options you can serve as late night snacks! Cookies are a great quick treat and are easy to grab. An assortment of different candies will definitely appeal to your younger guests who will end up sugar crashing just in time for bed. You can also serve donuts as another quick and easy snack. While for the warmer months, your guests can cool off from dancing by having a cool and sweet treat like ice cream or gelato.

Savory Wedding Treats

After dinner has already been served, and the cake has been cut. Some of your guests may be wanting something a little more hearty then a simple assortment of sweets. The perfect remedy is offering some savory options! Sliders are a great option, they are easy and small. Eating a couple of them is the perfect amount to fill your guests tummies before they get back on that dance floor. Some other savory options are mini pizzas and mini hotdogs. (You could also switch out the mini hotdogs for pigs in blankets).

Healthy Wedding Snacks

Your guests may enjoy lighter snack instead of something heavy and greasy. Cucumber sandwiches are fantastic! They are yummy finger foods that are easy to make and easy to serve. Even the kids will love these! You can also provide a small veggie bar that have veggie skewers with a vast array of different dips. This is also a great option if you and your guests lean more towards veganism or vegetarian.

Spicy Wedding Snacks

This is for those of you who love spicy food! You may not have been able to serve spicy food during the reception, so this is a great opportunity to add some spicy to your night! People love spicy chips, it the perfect combination of salty and spicy! You can also do some mini tacos topped with to die-for salsa if you were wanting a more hearty snack. For summer weddings fruits like watermelon or mango topped with spices is the perfect late night snack that has a refreshing twist!