Have you heard the news? About our new Rockmart event venue?

Well, we’re super pumped about the amazing new venue our owners just opened recently. Nope. It’s not a wedding venue. Not exactly (though we think a wedding could be pretty hip there). It’s an event venue located right smack in downtown Rockmart, just a few minutes away from Spring Lake Events.

If you love the amazing wedding decor and rustic elements of Spring Lake, you will love the same things about the Rockmart¬†Slate House. Seriously. Now, we will be the first to say that it isn’t equipped with its own hand-built cedar wedding arch (we told you it wasn’t a wedding venue), but if you’re looking for the custom touch, this place is amazing.

Just to touch on the features, there is a prep kitchen for caterers, plenty of seating for large crowds, a very large bar-top area, extra serving tables, modern restrooms, parking nearby, and even decor items to give your event that special touch. We have servers and stands, wood slices and lanterns, and even an amazing server that hangs in the center of the room. We think you’ll love it.

Plus it’s full of history! You can immediately see that this place was built in the days before machines ruled the world or digital was a technology word. From the old wood floors to the hand-laid slate walls, this rustic wedding venue is brimming with charm and history. There are even photos of this building back in its (former) glory days with a few horses and buggies parked out front. Yep.

And what makes the whole place even sweeter is that the owners have taken care to preserve the charm and character of the building and adding modern elements so we can step in and enjoy it in comfort today. For example, if you’re wanting to serve milk and cookies to your closest friends and family for your holiday party next year, you’ll likely be serving that milk and cookies right off the handmade barn. Don’t even ask how much sandpaper that puppy took to get the gorgeous finish you see. Oh yeah. Hand finished with lots of love (and coats of polycrylic!).

And we all know that light fixtures can make or break an event venue (Oh? Yeah, I guess you’re right. It really is the staff…). But the light fixtures can make or break the feel of the space. That’s why our owners have spent hours pouring over light fixtures to get just the perfect style in this updated rustic building. We think you’ll love how perfectly they complement the space.

(On another note…Don’t you adore those huge rustic custom chandeliers at Spring Lake?! Stunning!)

So, if you happened upon Spring Lake events and aren’t looking for the best vintage wedding venue in Georgia, we think you’ll fall in love with the best rustic industrial event venue in Rockmart. It’s got all the small town charm your crowd will love without the big city pricing you’ll find in downtown Atlanta.