Nowadays everyone is talking about creating a wedding website. There are a ton of different options, templates, Pinterest ideas, and YouTube videos about how to create the perfect wedding website, but what do you really need and what can you do without?

Here are a few must have elements for your wedding website to make the whole process a lot easier.

All the Details

You most definitely need the who, what, when, and where (hopefully the why is self-explanatory). Get all of the pertinent details down on your website and make them prominent. Also, make sure that this is up to date. If there is a last-minute change, get someone to change it on the website ASAP. You want your guests to be able to refer to this website so they know where and when to go to see you get hitched.

Registry Info

The first question most of your guests will have when they receive your invites is “where are you registered?”. (For the rest of your guests the first question will be, “is that really the groom’s middle name?”) So, give them all a break and tell them where you are registered and include helpful links. Your guests WILL thank you.

How to Get There

If you have a lot of out of town guests, and even if you don’t, it can be super helpful to give detailed directions on how to get to the ceremony and reception venues. It is also great to include helpful travel info, like what is the best airport to fly in and if there will be a shuttle from the ceremony to the reception. If you have a hotel where you are reserving a block of rooms, throw in a link and the info here as well. The more detailed you can be the better. Again, this makes for happy guests.

Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags can be super helpful, and a lot of fun. For more info on this, check out this other article that we posted earlier. (link to hashtag blog)

Your Story

This is where you get to be creative and give your guests the ooshy-squishy details of your love story. Feel free to post some sweet pics, a funny story. It will help make the day live for people long before the actual day.

A Shout Out for the Venue (or other amazing vendors)

Is your venue the most amazing place and people ever? Are you stunned at the genius of your florist? If you want to, you can totally give a shout out to the amazing people that are helping you plan and execute the wedding of your dreams.

Who is Helping Make it Happen

In addition to the vendors, you can honor your family and friends that are helping you rock your wedding vision as well. This is your chance to honor your mother, your father, your best friends, and your great aunt Mathilda — you know, all of the people who are helping make your dream wedding a reality.

There you have it! A few must haves for your wedding website. This leaves you plenty of room to get creative and express yourself and delight your guests in the days and months leading up the wedding. Don’t forget! Post wedding your wedding website is a great place where you can post pictures so that guests can relive the fun and excitement and see their pictures (because everyone loves pictures.)

So post, tag, and enjoy!