Must Have Packing Tips for Wedding Day

For The Bride

 Here is a list of what the bride should pack for the day of the wedding!

  • The comfortable essentials to help you get ready: a shirt or a blouse, fluffy or sleek robe, comfortable slippers.
  • You can’t forget about the wedding dress!
  • Any undergarments such as bra, underwear and even lingerie.
  • Don’t forget you veil if you are planning on using one!
  • Hair accessories is the perfect way to add a little bit more to your special day, so if you plan on having your hair done in your bridal suite, don’t forget them!
  • Your purse or clutch: Even though it is your big day, you still may need your wallet and ID.
  • Engagement ring: Don’t forget to put it back on after you got it cleaned!
  • Wedding bands: it never hurts  to double check if you have the rings.
  • Your jewelry: Necklace, earrings, bracelets or rings.
  • Garter: You will need this for the reception!
  • Shoes: Unless you plan on having your wedding barefoot on a beach, don’t forget your shoes.
  • You need your something old, something new, and something borrowed.
  • Touch up make-up: This can be important because you may become emotional throughout the day and may need to fix a few things. It will also help you look fresh faced.
  • Every girl needs a mini emergency kit containing: medicine, sewing kits, Tide To-Go, deodorant, perfume, hairspray, bobby pins. etc.

For The Groom

Us girls hate to admit it, but guys have it easy, they just need to shower and put on a few things and they are ready to go!

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Vest
  • Bow tie or tie
  • Suspenders
  • Belt
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Tie Clip (if you are wearing a tie)
  • Cuff Links (If he doesn’t have any this would be a great gift!)
  • Any Accessories: Watch, handkerchief, rings, earrings, etc.


  • If you decide to get each other gifts on your wedding day, don’t forget them.
  • A letter prepared before hand to give to your spouse on your wedding day to read
  • Gifts you may give to your parents and in-laws.
  • Don’t forget about your bridal party! If you haven’t given them gifts during your rehearsal dinner now is the time to do so before the wedding. And don’t forget about the flower girl and ring bearer!
  • The welcome bags you prepared for your guests. Especially the ones that are staying in a hotel and are from out of town will appreciate these.

For The Ceremony

  • If you have made any items for the wedding such as an alter arrangement, and arch or aisle markers, be sure to bring them! (If your venue allows it try to bring those things the day before so you have less to worry about on your big day).
  • If you printed out any programs, make sure to bring those too.
  • Don’t forget about the ceremony essentials such as a sand ceremony, unity candle, love letter, ropes, wine box, etc.
  • ALWAYS bring a back up copy of your vows. You never know what may happen during all the excitement.
  • Marriage License is crucial so don’t forget it!

For The Reception

  • If you have specialized champagne flutes make sure to bring them for the reception.
  • If you haven’t already given your wedding cake caterer your cake topper, be sure to bring it.
  • Table numbers are important so you can let people know where they will be sitting.
  • Photos you want to display
  • Guestbook for your party goers to sign.
  • Cardboard is best to have already prepared because a lot of people usually bring cards.
  • Any type of signage you may have bought or made.
  • Personalized items such as cocktail napkins, koozies, etc.
  • The party favors!