Showing your appreciation for those who you ask to be a big part of your marriage means finding the perfect token. Whether you have a small or an unlimited budget, the important part of a gift is the thought behind it. With these recommendations, take some of the pressure off of your shoulders and take your pick.

Here are ideas for the most thoughtful gifts for your wedding party:

Compact Mirror/Pocket Watch

These choices are great for the whole crew. You can customize them with engravings simply or more elaborately. Place initials or names on each, add a special touch with what role they played in the wedding and the date, or even inscribe with a loving note to each person. No matter how individualized you make it, these gifts create a keepsake they can use for years to come.


Now, stay with me here. You can get bridesmaids wine or champagne glasses while you can get the groomsmen beer or liquor glasses. For the little tykes, water bottles could make the cut. In a similar fashion of the mirrors and watches, this choice gives you the option to make it more special with engraving or vinyl touches. Plus, the variety out there to decide between provides plenty of ways to show some love.


Again, the sheer volume to filter through here may seem endless. However, everyone can use a great duffle, beach, gym, or travel bag. And, like the rest of them, you can print a dedicated piece for each of the members of your wedding party to feel important. Young ones and older members will appreciate the practical, yet meaningful present.


Whether you live in temperate, tropical, or other climates, sunglasses come in handy. You can pick based on personalities or keep them all the same and just add monograms to each. Flower girl, ring bearer, groomsmen, best man, bridesmaids, and maid of honor can all have a unique pair, or you can have them all be the same with the maid of honor and best man shades getting a dash of something extra to set them apart. Plus, if your theme allows it, they could even wear them during your ceremony. A fun splash of distinguishing character.

Helpful Wedding Party Gifts

As you can see, these ideas are completely different and still include the entire wedding party. Selecting gifts this way means you can rest easy without having to do too much searching or separation or comparison. The last worry you need is wondering if everyone feels equally appreciated and significant. You obviously wanted them in your big day plus the days leading up to the celebration because of the roles they play in your lives. Therefore, you do not need them to question your thought process behind any individualized favor.

Use one of these ideas or branch out with your own, but keep the focus moving forward towards bringing two people together in matrimony. Those involved will have a souvenir to remember their part in the wedding. And, really, that’s what a token of appreciation is all about.