Get ready for this question on the big day

We want to prepare you because it’s coming on your wedding day: the most asked question on a wedding day. 

Are you ready for it? 

When are you having kids? 

Everyone is going to ask. They just are. 

Even if you’ve told them already that you’re just going to chill for a while and enjoy married life (smart!!), they’re still going to ask when you’re having kids. 

Not only are they going to be nosey and ask when you’re planning on having kids, but they’ll probably want to know how many kids you’re thinking about having. 

It’s just how it goes. A natural rite of passage. 

They’re thinking, “Whwew! They’re finally married now, on to the next thing: kids!” 

How To Prepare For Your Wedding

And right now, you’re thinking, “Oh, I’m sure someone will ask.” 

No. Nope. (Almost) everyone will ask. Just get ready for it. 

We’re trying to help you get ready for it now because it will be more pressing than you ever expected. Your neice will probably even ask when she’s going to get a cousin. 

So, what are you going to say? 

You’ve got a few choices about how to answer the nosey people on your wedding day. 

1pm Answer: The polite decline

“We just plan on enjoying this stage of our life before starting the next.” It works just as good as any. 

3pm Answer: The Answer with Attitude

“It’s none of yo ‘bidness!” I don’t know if I’d say that one to Grandma, but it could pass when your niece asks. 

8pm Answer: Or, you could go with our favorite answer….

It goes like this…

Guest: So, when are you planning on having kids?

You: In about 9 months. 

Be sure you’re at a safe distance if the guest is taking a sip of drink because you’ll probably catch them off guard. It’s your choice if you want to clarify that you’re most likely not pregnant, just fed up with all the questions or just leave it be. We’ll leave that part up to you. 

Before leaving this post, we wanted to take a minute and talk to our couples who already have kids-in-tow. We love y’all and you are just as much a part of the Spring Lake Family as the other guys. This post just might even apply to you, too. But even if it doesn’t, we want you to know this isn’t a judgement on you, just an observation from years of wedding hosting. So, when are y’all having another kid?