We all want to wow our guests with a gorgeously decorated wedding venue, but sometimes a limited budget gets in the way of our big, big, ideas. But don’t despair! You can still make the most of your wedding venue with a limited budget by using these five tips.

Emphasize the strong points.

Does your venue have a stunning grand staircase (our favorite: made of natural slate!)? Frame it in flowers or wind a garland around the banister. Station grand candelabras at the base of the stairs lit with candles and wound round with roses. Is the building of your venue kind of small and closed, but there is a grand garden or lawn area? Frame that area as the center point for the wedding and reception. Lights and flowers go a very long way in helping to beautify a space, no matter how plain.

Downplay the weak points.

If there is an aspect of your venue that less than thrills you, see if you can’t cover it up with a large flower arrangement or something. If your venue has an unsightly accordion door, for example, see if you can’t buy or borrow room dividing screens that you can set up to disguise it. If the ceiling of your venue is drop panel a great, and inexpensive, decorating idea is to hang different colored umbrellas upside down from the ceiling to create a fun and festive look.

Go with it.

If your venue naturally suggests a certain theme; don’t fight it! If you chose a beautiful, rustic location with a lake with gorgeous weeping willows lining the shore — go with it! Choose a rustic theme (which is also super inexpensive to decorate beautifully) and decorate accordingly. If your venue is on an apple orchard, decorate with burlap, lace, and apple crates. Go with the style, era, and feel of the venue instead of fighting against it and it will end up looking it’s best, be easier and cheaper to decorate beautifully, and be more fun!


Talk to the owners of the venue, or the wedding planners that they have on site, and see what they have done before. They surely have seen it all if their venue has done enough weddings. They may have some great ideas on how to play up the space in ways that you have never considered before. If you are really lucky, your venue might even offer you the use of decorations or items that they have on hand to help make your wedding beautiful. (At Spring Lake we offer our couples an entire room full of fun and fantastic decorations to use!)

Be creative!

Last, but definitely not least, be creative! If you aren’t feeling particularly creative, get the help of an artsy friend or family member and let them go crazy in your wedding venue. Remember, even the most plain spaces can be transformed with some flowers, candles or lights, and that essential ingredient — love!

By using these five tips you will be able to make the most of your wedding venue — no matter how big, how old, or how small — even if you have a limited budget. Happy planning and happy decorating!