Getting Ready As a Couple On Your Wedding Day


When you start planning your wedding day, you’ll come to find that there are traditions and superstitions surrounding your wedding. You’ll have tons to consider when planning your Georgia wedding, and one of those things will be the time you spend getting ready.


Traditionally many couples choose to get ready separately because it has been said to be bad luck to see the bride before exchanging vows. It gives time for the bride to get ready and surprise their soon-to-be partner.


However, in recent years we have seen a new trend. Instead of getting ready separately, many couples choose to get ready together. Although this is untraditional, there are so many reasons why more people are choosing to do this at their Georgia wedding venues.

You Start The New Chapter Together

There is something symbolic about starting this journey together and not separating. You are committing yourself to someone else, and it’s a chance to do it side-by-side. You will share the joy of getting ready in the same room. You no longer have to wait until the ceremony to start this new chapter; you can simply just start. You can do everything together as one unit. You will get ready together, greet your guests together, and leave together. It is truly romantic.

This Is a Time To Sneak In Extra Photos

Many young couples love weddings because it is a chance to create memories together and get photos of this memorable day. Getting ready together is a great way to save the memories and a chance to get some stellar photos at your Georgia venue. These pictures are twice as sweet when you can see and feel the love of getting ready for something important.

It May Reduce Stress

Okay, let’s be honest; we usually choose a partner that makes us feel calm and grounded. Why would you want to be separated from that? Getting ready together may help calm those pre-wedding nerves that most brides-to-be have. It’s a way to steer clear of wedding day anxiety and enjoy the process of getting married together.

You Spend More Time Together

You may want to think your Georgia wedding is all about you and your partner, but the truth is you will get very little alone time on your big day. You will be busy entertaining family members, friends and going through events. Getting ready together allows you some alone time with your partner before everyone else joins you.

It’s a Modern Take for an Untraditional Wedding

You don’t need to have a traditional wedding for it to be legitimate. The beauty of a wedding is that this can be entirely your way. You can go as traditional or untraditional as you want. Get ready together to modernize your wedding and create fun memories together.