Alternatives to a Wedding Guest Receiving Line


It’s natural to feel pressure (and desire) to meet or at least speak to every one of the numerous guests who have traveled great distances to share in your joy on your wedding day.


When you start planning your wedding at your Georgia venue, one thing you might not even think about has a receiving line. This is often the best way to meet all of your guests, but some of you may not know much about it or have alternative ideas that will still allow you to meet everyone.


In the case of a huge wedding, receiving lines are an excellent method to ensure that everyone attending will get to meet the bride and groom.


It’s easy: just stand in a line and greet visitors as they pass. But if this doesn’t sound like your style, you can surely spice things up. Here are my favorite alternative ways to greet all of your guests.

Host a Pre-Wedding Party

If you plan a long ceremony later in the day, you can easily host a pre-wedding party at your Georgia venue. This lets you get intimate with your guests and see everyone before the main event.


This idea is a great way to take pressure off the bride and groom and give you time to be with your new spouse after exchanging vows.

Go To Your Guest’s Tables

Instead of having your family line up, go to each table with your spouse. This allows the affair to be intimate and laid back. You can take a few minutes to sit at each table and say hello to your wedding guests before they need to leave.


Although this is much more laid back for your guests, this is more time-consuming for you and your loved one.

Make It a Shorter Line

If you love having a receiving line but don’t love having both sets of parents in it, you can cut down the line. Instead of doing the family members all lined up, make it, so it is just you and your partner.


This way, everyone can say hello to both of you, and both sets of parents can go around and meet everyone during cocktail hour or reception when the party starts. This is an easy way to ensure everyone meets you and knows they got a few moments of your time.

Cut Down Your Guest List

Okay, okay, this may not be what you want to hear, but the truth is the longer your guest list is, the more expensive it will be, and the more time you will spend greeting everyone. This is the year when small and intimate weddings will take charge, so don’t feel ashamed to have a smaller Georgia wedding.


Our Georgia wedding venue wants to help you host the perfect wedding. This is a place where you can plan a receiving line and ensure you meet all of your guests in our intimate environment. Our lakeside venue is perfect for romantic couples looking for a hidden gem.