What should you look for in a wedding venue?

What questions should you ask your wedding venue?

We are honored to work with some of the most amazing brides from across the country. There’s just something special about our little slice of heaven just outside of Atlanta that makes Spring Lake a special wedding venue.

We know our couples love the amenities we offer. We’ve got mountains, a lake, vintage wedding pews, a rustic wedding barn, an outdoor wedding venue with indoor amenities, carriage rides around the lake, vintage trucks for wedding getaways, tons of photo ops, a canoe, a lakeside fireplace, a cabin filled to the brim with decor options…we could go on for hours.

But the truth is, when our couples write us a thank you note or leave a review online, they aren’t talking about any of that.

What do they mention the most? Our amazing staff.

That’s right. And mentioned more than anyone else are Mike and Renty Haney. They are in charge around here and they do an incredible job taking care of our couples. Mike handles a lot of the setup jobs on wedding day and Renty makes sure the day goes smoothly. They’re a great team and truly the reason why you see so many picture perfect wedding photos taken at Spring Lake.

They help make the wedding day dreams come true and keep the wedding day nightmares away.

If you don’t believe us (or think we’re blowing smoke), just check our Testimonials page, Google, WeddingWire, AtlantaBridal, or Facebook for yourself. You’ll notice that in just about every single review of our vintage wedding venue, either Mike or Renty made wedding day magic happen.

This brings us back to the question, what should you look for in a wedding venue?

Well. Let’s consider a wedding day at a beautiful venue without award-winning staff.

  • The location is great, but there is no parking for your wedding party or guests because the experience is all about the venue, not about you.

  • The venue is beautiful, but you can’t use part of the property because they will charge you to use an additional area. Believe us, it happens.

  • The getting ready suite is nice, but no one has cleaned it lately. Gross.

  • The caterer brings awesome food, but doesn’t know where to set up or how to access the kitchen because it is locked and no one is around with the key. So the food gets cold.

  • You’d really like to decorate the ceremony site, but there is no access and not enough time to decorate and get ready.

  • Your guests love the view, but the owner was rude so they had a bad experience.

  • Everyone is waiting on you to walk down the aisle with dad, but who is going to help you down the stairs with that big beautiful dress of yours?

Every single one of these situations is remedied by attentive, caring staff who have experience with weddings. Renty has been in the wedding industry longer than Spring Lake has been in existence, and she knows the ropes. She can anticipate the problems that might come up on your wedding day and she knows just how to handle them.

Are you going to leave one of the most important days of your life in someone else’s hands?

Spring Lake is more than a wedding venue. It’s a family.