Let’s get real here, y’all. We are true Southerners with a deep love of Country, love of God and a love for our fellow man (and lady). It’s hard to live out here in Rockmart, surrounded by the amazing country life and not feel a deep connection to the earth and to our God. He has created an incredible place for our family to live, work and play, and it is our honor to have the opportunity to share it with you. We wake up every morning with cool hard dirt under our feet and a blue sky above our heads (most days). This wedding venue is a place that you can walk into and truly feel the Creator’s presence. “You need only be still.” And that’s what we’re going to chat about today.
Being still.
Because, let’s be honest, it’s crazy hard to just be still.
Your to-do list is a mile and a half long (so is ours!), and with every checkmark, another two items gets added to the end of the list. We know. But, consider this your official invitation to select a venue that takes a lot of the work out of the wedding planning process. We’ve narrowed down our preferred vendors to our favorites. We have the vintage wedding decor details taken care of for you. We’ve got your rainy day backup location covered (literally! ha!).
And not only have we planned out a ton of the details, but one look at our testimonials page will show you that we have amazing managers and staff members that are here to welcome you to this beautiful outdoor wedding venue. We can’t promise that every detail of your day will go smoothly, but we will do everything we can to make it as seamless as possible.
Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

And this is also an invitation to be still on your wedding day. We have a wide open vintage wedding venue here, ready for you to explore. So, go ahead and schedule some time in the woods with your photographer. And carve out time in your evening for a canoe ride on the lake. And even take a few minutes to share a sip of something with your feet hanging off the dock. Those will be the moments you will remember years to come. So, don’t forget they are probably just as important as the bouquet toss.
And finally, we invite you to carve out a space for God in your ceremony. We’ve brought in the vintage church pews and hand-crafted a cedar arch for your vows, but it’s your job to be still and just sense the presence of our amazing Creator as you stand out overlooking the lake. Feel the breeze in your hair, listen to the bugs in the woods. Squeeze the hand of your best friend. And just be still.