The answer is, in some ancient cultures and traditions: YES! 

We won’t get into the history of that, but it is a well-known fact that rain on your wedding day is supposed to signify good luck. It’s a sign of cleansing and is a great way to start off a marriage. 

Besides that, while you may be worried about the potential of rain, there are some upsides to consider! 

Unique Photos

Yup, the rain is a beautiful thing, and can be captured in photographs to give you some unique and gorgeous photos! Make sure to include rainy day props like umbrellas, rain boots, or even ponchos! This is a sure-fire way to make the best of things during your vintage wedding

Cuddly weather

Isn’t there something about rain that is extra cozy? Your guests will agree. If rain is in the forecast, consider having a basket of cozy blankies for your guests to wrap themselves in during your ceremony. The rain naturally makes people want to cuddle. It’ll end up bringing the love! 

Flowers Will Flourish 

The rain tends to put some moisture in the air, and flowers always do best when that’s the case! If you have some gorgeous centerpieces on the tables of your barn wedding but were worried they wouldn’t hold up, the rain will be sure to bring them to life! Also, depending on the season, the rain may put some extra bounce and color into nearby flowers and shrubbery, making for gorgeous landscapes!

Making Memories

It’s not often guests look back on a wedding and say, “Wow, that was a very unique, average weathered day..” 

But they will remember the rain! Years later, the rain won’t matter and will be something you and others look back on fondly for how you embraced and handled it. It’ll just be another unique detail of the very best day of your life. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away Allergies

If you’re choosing a spring wedding, you’re probably considering the fact that there might be rain anyway. Most Spring brides do NOT consider how bad pollen will be, though! Pollen is a silent but present issue for some brides, especially ones with allergies. Luckily, rain washes pollen away and reduces allergens in the air, which can ultimately make you AND your allergy-suffering guests much more comfortable for the whole day. A definite silver lining! 

Rain is Romantic

It can’t be denied… 

There’s just a romanticism that comes along with the rain. It can’t be explained, but there’s something about it that adds sentiment. Perhaps it’s the movies we watch that embrace rain and make it a part of the love story, like that famous scene from The Notebook, the one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the upside-down Spiderman rainy kiss! 

Regardless of the weather, there is NO doubt you’ll look back on that day as the best of your life. So to the rain: